OT: I asked for it; I got it!

So I woke up today and decided I’d had enough of my '70s hairstyle. Safety-pinned a sheet about myself, sat out in the garage, handed my wife my electric beard trimmer (with various length guides), and told her to mow away. Results?:

  1. She has no future as a paid stylist.
  2. I’ve discovered yet another benefit of home isolation.
  3. I am glad I have Razorback caps (for those weekly shopping trips).

But the New 'Do is so much easier to deal with.

C’mon now, you can’t make that post with out posting a picture! Where’s the pic? :grinning:

You are supposed to use a bowl.

Getting a Razorback cap is relatively easy. A lot easier than getting into a Bowl.

Just a plastic bowl on top of a head will work for a haircut.

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