OT: How the fish hatchery moves fish

This is a really cool video showing how they release fish from truck haulers.

having worked with fish, that is primitive and ought to be a predator smorgasboard. Totally makes sense to not handle but to stun them like is happening in that video is not optimal.

Note that is happening AT the fish hatchery. There are no predators in those ponds.

The big brown trout in White River seem to know the stocking day and sites. They are there to chow down on the new arrivals. A stocker rainbow is an easy snack for a 36-inch brown trout. Yummy.

About 3 years ago I got into a big school of newly stocked 11-inch rainbows at Wildcat Shoals.

It was an incredible day - if you like catching a stocker.

I caught around 100 in 90 minutes. Never put the net up.

I texted two friends who were 200 yards away. They joined in. We had a small depression in the shoal surrounded and caught fish non stop for two more hours.

There were probably 1,500 fish in that spot. Truck prob dumped them in previous day and they swam in a cluster down 1,000 yards and held in that spot. They were hungry the next day and hit the fly as soon as it landed. Never experienced that again.

Big generation dispersed them later that day. That spot has always been decent. But that was bizarre afternoon.

The three of us probably netted 450 fish and quickly released them. Most of them I did not touch. A little shake of the net and the fly would pop free and a flip of the fly rod had the fly in the spot and another fish would eat.


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