OT: Hope never far away

Here is a column that I wrote with passion. Some in our circle will know Stan Parris and will enjoy this. If you have a love of missions, it’s for you.

As you all know, I write what I love. I can pour into golf, fly fishing or the Razorbacks. I also include my Faith. This is one of those columns.

I love to read. Stan’s book was a GREAT read. It is story telling, as in the greatest stories.


Recently I was blessed to hear Don Piper speak about the 90 minutes he spent in heaven after a horrible car wreck. His description of heaven was glorious. His recovery was a miracle. Right now I’m reading his book 90 Minutes in Heaven. I’ll have to put Just Outside of Hope on my reading list too. Just finished A River Runs Through It after your recommendation Clay. You certainly know good story telling.


Thanks for writing this Clay! I got a signed copy from Stan & read it in three sittings. Also gave a copy to my 19 year old that is called to the ministry. Great read!

Thanks for sharing Clay and Stan.

Awesome article and commentary. God is good.

Two more books added to my must read list. Thanks, Clay and LDhog.

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You will not be disappointed.

As always, you write best when you write with passion. Thanks and GHG!


We had a pastor once at our little Baptist Church who was from some little town in southwest Arkansas. I forget the name of the town, but when asked where it was, he would always say, “Oh, it’s beyond Hope”. Loved the play on words. :slight_smile:


There are some really cool places “beyond Hope.” One of my favorite places is Fouke. It’s a swampy sort of place. For those wondering, Fouke is apart of the Texarkana metropolitan statistical area. (That’s the way it was described by Wikepedia.)

I believe Hal Sutton’s family (father) was from the Hope area. His father had a 1,200 acre farm near there that Hal spent one summer learning to ride cutting horses and pretty much lost his golf game. That’s the story my dad told me anyway. I’m not sure he was ever the same on Tour.

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You’ll probably remember Fouke’s claim to fame back in the day was being home to the “Fouke Monster”, subject of the movie “The Legend of Boggy Creek”. Had friends from Fouke who were telling folks scary stories about the “Monster” way before the movie was ever made.

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I’m told today that there are two books by the same title at Amazon. At any rate, the one by Stan Parris is the one you want. I will also say that the website included at the bottom of the story is where to order it. That money will send more to Parris and he takes what he makes and sends to missions. He’s sent $4,000 to missions already. That should not surprise. His explanation to me is that he is retired and comfortable and didn’t do this to make money, but to send to missions. That’s Stan.

“Just Outside of Hope” is available online from Pard Publishing (pardpublishing.com), an enterprise formed by Parris and Byrd to get the book in print and to become a vehicle for publishing future books.

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Good to know, thanks.

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