OT - Hogmaestro - Storm

Stay safe! Praying for all in Florence’s path! Are you relocating or do you plan to hunker down?

Thanks for the concern man! We were gonna stay until this morning. Then we were gonna go to Knoxville for a couple of days. But, with the latest forecast of it stalling out about 100 miles from my house and causing massive flooding, we plan to load up the SUV and head out to Arkansas! I’ll be there by midday Friday…at my friend’s lake house. With 2 dogs and a cat. The daughter wanted to stay here with her boyfriend. I said “nope”…so the whole family is on the way to my homeland for a
few days…

To anyone else in Florence’s way…prayers for you. I always hurt for the poor. They can’t get out of here. The CofC students are all long gone thank goodness.

So good to hear HM! Was thinking about you & all those beautiful sites in Charleston last night. Hope that area doesn’t get hammered too hard.

Safe travels and blessing for all affected by Florence.

There should be tickets available for the game Saturday. Take the family to get your mind off the storm. Of course, if the Hogs don’t play well, you may get to see a different kind of storm.
Have safe travels. God bless.

Prayers for you and others in harm’s way. Let us know how things turn out at home. Know you will be nervous not staying near your home, but you are doing the right thing.

Thanks for all the well wishes!! This board really is a big family. We are safe and sound in a hotel in Cookeville, TN. Just ate take-out Cracker Barrel (not leaving 3 animals in the hotel room this stressed out!), and I’m watching Wake Forest and BC. Oh…and I just read Clay’s 10 keys column.

I thought about going to the game Saturday…but my best friend is a NLR minister whom I haven’t seen in 1 year and half…a lifetime for us. He can’t do Fayetteville games and feel prepared for Sunday morning services…so I’ll stay in LR and watch on his big screen. It will be good to watch with him in person instead of calling and texting the whole game like we usually do!