OT Hockey

So Hawgs win MACHA championship a couple days ago and no mention on the Board…hello.

What is MACHA? I love hockey… Would really like to see a Hog team play hockey. That would be a new one for me.


Mid American Collegiate Hockey Association

didn’t they get 2nd last year? that is amazing, for a state with basically ZERO organized high school hockey, to do so well. sorry I missed t hat, when I lived in michigan, i REALLY enjoyed hockey. great sport.


Hockey Hogs are ranked #4 in the country according to their website. Last year IIRC they lost in the national final.

could add men’s ice hockey and women’s field hockey as two new sports…if funding is available and a proper ice arena/playing field and stands located

Interesting thought. Big Ten, ACC and Pac-12 have field hockey, but nobody in the SEC or Big 12. It’s largely a northeast/west coast sport. I don’t see anybody close to us at the D-1 level, so scheduling would be a major pain. Iowa is probably the closest school to NWA. (In an oddity, the official surface for field hockey is artificial turf; they don’t do grass).

I have thought for a while that if we add any sports (which I frankly don’t expect) they would be soccer for the men and equestrian for the women. Although neither is an official SEC sport, there are SEC schools that have those teams, and there are men’s soccer programs in the region like Tulsa, ORU and SMU.

Arizona State recently went from club hockey to varsity. Not close enough to other hockey schools to join a conference, so they play D-1 independent. Which is what we’d be looking at, probably. There are a couple of hockey schools in Colorado but they play in a league stretching all the way to Ohio. Alabama-Huntsville finally shut down its hockey program last year. The conference they were in also shut down it’ men’s competition although it still has women’s hockey.

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