OT Help Needed with WIFI Device

I need to drop my Comcast/Xfinity and I am looking for an internet connection… I have come across “eero”. Has anyone tried this device and do you have any recomendations.

Do you live in NWA?

I divorced Xfinity over 5 years ago. Horrible service and rates continued to go up. I have the local power board internet connect here in Chattanooga. Very pleased.

Yea, I’m with OzarkGo with Ozarks Electric here in Fayetteville. Very fast fiber up to 500mpbs.

Central Arkansas. I had Dish for 20 years but the bungalow I now have has Xfinity and Comcast. I really don’t use Comcast beyond the ESPN/SECN package that I could purchase directly or through Roku or Hula. I need the cheapest but reliable Internet Wifi access and I saw this eero device advertise. Suggestions are appreciated!

Are you a Verizon customer?

No…Verizon is not yet available in our area…

I have att fiber. Att put the fiber in last year. I getting 500 mbps and my rate actual went down. I’m in west LR.

You are satisfied with ATT reliability?

Comcast/Infinity is who I use Danny they are expensive but as you’ve seen they are very fast. Haven’t had an issue with them other than the cable here at the apartment was causing me some problems and had to be updated. They are very expensive though for sure. I have internet and cable with them

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