16 months ago full knee replacement.

GONE bad. Worst 16 months in my life. It was done in FT Smith.

MY Driver or other half is stick in Ft Smith. AL BRIDGES WILL CLOSE (Floods are now passing 500 year all time mark.) at 10 PM tonight. I’m in Van buren and no ride to see Dr Christopher Arnold at 11:30 in the morning.

I have canceled 1 time all ready.

WHERE is this place. OR close to what??

LONG time no post

Dr. Arnold is off of Joyce near the NWA Mall in Fayetteville. Are you saying that you need a ride to get there?

Yes I was. I was born up there and I’m our of options, so I’m going to drive myself. So sir I’m 5 minutes from I=40 so I going to tale it easy and try myself.

Is it just off Joyce st? 1 plock Parkview North.

Tank-you for the reply!!

Yes, just one block off Joyce onto Parkview Drive heading north. If you need any help, please let me know, and I will PM my personal information.


I just got gppd news and my 23 year grandson, school closed. SO there is my driver.

I owe u a lunch just for the offer. Tyrus (grandson, Named after ? Ty Cobb) is giving me that ride

Take care 339. Glad your grandson could get you there.

Prayers for recovery.

This reminds me, nothing is as bad as floods. Tornadoes seem bad, but they are generally in a specific spot and it’s over quickly. Floods just linger and linger and they take over what seems like the whole world. I know that’s what they are feeling in Fort Smith right now. The water just keeps coming.

The same is true in Tulsa too. I hope Keystone can withstand all that pressure.

You’re right Clay. Brenda had to spend the night at the Methodist nursing home.

GOOD news Dr Arnold actually saw me wahk about 12 ft from my room to the X-ray room 2 doors down.

Now if you want to talk about a small world Dr Arnold introduced himself and he said “now what is your name?” And I said Mike Tucker. He then said are you the Mike Tucker that has a baseball field named after you in Van Buren? And I said Yes sir. He then replied that his son has play baseball on your field named after you. He then asked what did I do to get that done? AND I said I just built those fiels so your son and a lot more, thousands of kids have play there.

LEFT KNEE—MRI. Would replace it but then you would be bed fast,

Right knee— the one that had total knee replacement 16 months ago some triple x-ray, MRI. Laying on the table my knee was about 6" from touching the table. NO GOOD! Possible my body is rejecting the 3 metal titanium parts in my body. Or it could have been done wrong. Thus it would be OVERS on replacing my knee. O Mercy

Then he wanted to x-ray my lower back. There is a chance on that “S” curve is blocking a small hole that ALL your nerves down your leg. It feels like lightning BOLTS of pain down to my feet.

My neck is killing me from the 25’ fall off a roof in 1998. He knew the Dr that put that back together in 1998. Dr Arnold knew Dr Standaford (Sp??) that put me back together why back when, Since Dr Sandaford has passed away,

HE gave me Hope that I have not had for almost 16 month, never leaving the house.

Asking for Prayers please.

PS prostate is holding on OK.

He said my quality of life as it is just this day is 10-15% --NOT GOOD

Dr. Arnold is very good.

Prayers for some relief to your suffering, 339. At least you’ve got the right people working in your behalf, it sounds like.

Please do keep us updated on what we all hope is your recovery.