OT: Hell or High Water

I finally got around to watching Hell or High Water this week. It is highly recommended to anyone else who is slow getting around to watching it.

I could watch the West Texas movie genre all day long. It reminded me of No Country for Old Men.

I will have to do that this week. Battling the flu. I need something to do while doing nothing. I’ve tied 130 midges this past three days. Can do that in my sleep. I’ve been through two series of medications, trying to control the symptoms. Got a regimen that is working. But I’m a long way from being recovered. This is nasty stuff. We are finishing up the March recruiting magazine. Thought I’d get to take a day or two off this weekend to fly fish. That isn’t happening.

Love that movie… have watched it a few times. Great acting, great script/dialogue…

Buck Taylor from the Gunsmoke series has a short scene in the bank robbery part. I have met him several times and own many of his western paintings. Hard to believe that “Newley” is almost 80 years old.

Oh, wow, I had no clue that was him. That’s a great scene in the movie.

My dad grew up going to the Old Fort Days Rodeo in Fort Smith. He said one year the cast of Gunsmoke was part of the rodeo. They rode into the arena in a horse-drawn carriage.

Never heard of it and I’m a movie fan…doing a search

*gets a 7.6 on IMBd, will check it out. :sunglasses:

Jeff Bridges is great in that movie

Agreed. He has become one of my favorite actors. I thought Ben Foster also was very good.

The best line in the whole movie was when Ben Foster says, “It makes me a Comanche.”

Great movie full of great actors.

Great movie! I have seen it several times. Jeff Bridges and Ben Foster were great.

Get well soon, Clay. Spring is coming!

Another amen to this movie. One of my favorites. My favorite line is the waitress who walks up to Bridges and just says, “With or without?”

I hope you get to feeling better soon! Being sick makes it hard to enjoy the simple things like fishing. I live about 15 minutes from a good fly fishing spot!

It was “now what dont you want”

Oh, right. Anyway, great line!

I world oil in the Eagle Ford for about 4 years.

They really did a great job of nailing the little things and the attitudes of the the local people in this movie.

It’s a great movie with lots of story line levels.

Late getting in here, but I hope by now your feeling better ,I know I have to be darn sick to miss a fishing trip and I’m sure your the same.good luck when you do get on the water! We have been catching crappie & bluegill through the ice up until Saturday here In northern Missouri. WPS

My favorite movie of the year when it came out a couple of years ago. I guess you would call it a black comedy. The portrayal of folks in west Texas was realistic and fun. One of my favorite scenes was when they were robbing one small bank and the younger guy turns and asks an old bank customer if he has a gun. “God damn right I’ve got a gun”. The old codger pulls out a pistol which the young guy takes. Unfortunately, the young guy places it on the counter not all that far from the old guy. When the pair flees the bank the old guy grabs his gun and proceeds to turn the air blue with gun smoke.

The best movie I saw last year was Wind River. In some ways it was also a black comedy but very gritty and realistic. The people portrayed were simple western and Indian folk who deal with violence as part of their lives. If you liked Hell or High Water you might want to try Wind River.

Thanks for the suggestion. I have it cued up to watch on Netflix.

I noticed the writers of those movies are behind a new Kevin Costner-led series coming this summer that looks pretty good.


That has to be something special. I’m headed to Montana this summer for a bucket list trip. Going to stay a few days near Divide, Montana at a place that’s pretty cool. Met the owner on a duck trip this winter and he invited me and a friend to come see him. Well, I booked the plane trip to Montana about one week later. Google Silver Bow Club and you’ll see why I’m excited. It’s on the Big Hole River. There are lots of sweet rivers to fly fish in Montana, but the Big Hole River is about the best as far as dry fly fishing. I’m excited and it’s still months away. I don’t know if we’ll get to anything around Yellowstone, but might just have to. It’s a special place.