OT: Heard a Hawg Call on No. 18

… at the Waste Management PGA Tournament in Phoenix on Sunday. Can’t remember if it was when Scheffler was on 18 in regulation or on the first hole of the Playoff. Anyway, fun Tournament ending, and a Hawg Call out of nowhere was cool. The Super Bowl was just about to kick-off, so I don’t expect many were watching, but the diehard golf fans.

Newcomer Sahith Theegala made it even more entertaining than usual. Too bad he got so jazzed up and got a hard bounce on the driveable par 4 17th that he bombed it into the water over the green. Would have been great to see him in the playoff with Scheffler & Cantlay.

I watched the end of regulation and the start of the playoff, not realizing that the Supe had already started (didn’t miss anything, it was still 0-0 when I cut over). And I thought I heard something resembling a Hog call too. Of course, considering the level of beverage consumption at that tournament, it could have been almost anyone saying anything.

I watched post kickoff also, had to give up the media room but that was a great tournament to watch. Gotta make that a Ryder Cup venue. 15-18 as closing holes could be great drama.

Not sure that is a Ryder Cup type course. Now where they are this week, that’s a Ryder Cup place. Rivera is a gorgeous place. By the way, they got every top 10 player in the world. Only second time that’s happened in about 25 years.

I would love to see how the Euro’s would handle the boos, noise and booze driven beer tosses at their feet. It’s a perfect setting. We would never lose.

Interesting thought. It’s really not my idea on how it should be done. Throwing. Full beer is not a great idea. I expect that to be scaled back, although once the door is open it is hard to close it.

Throwing good cold beer is alcohol abuse. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah, somebody came within a few feet of knocking Sam Ryder out cold! The craziness up at the green was one thing… almost killing the guy that hit the shot is another!

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