OT: He can still play a little

I’m referring to Eldrick T. Woods, better known as Tiger. Playing in what used to be the Los Angeles Open, his first tournament in seven months. Paired today with Justin Thomas and Rory McIlroy. Slopped around for 15 holes, 1-over at that point, then finished birdie-birdie-birdie, including one set up by a 317-yard drive on 18. The injured leg is bothering him, but he’s playing well on a pretty tough course at Riviera.

Yeah he Birdied the last three holes should create some momentum going into tomorrow.

The key for Tiger is to have the stamina to walk 72. I hope he can. I don’t think he will ever win again, but he is Tiger.

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Oh, I think he will win for sure…at least one more tourney. Maybe even a major.

Yes, you are right. Walking 72 holes is a question. But just as big of a question is will he get his putter back Not being able to stand out there and putt for hours is what he himself says is wrong with his putting.

But if he gets a hot putter in a tourney, he can win. He has the pop back in his swing. He is no longer distance deficient.

I think he will absolutely win again.

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I love Tiger. John Daly got me interested in golf, but Tiger made me love it. He is such a competitor and it’s a shame to see his body fail him. A classic story of what could have been based on what was.

I hope he wins again. I really do.

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Tiger has hit hundreds of balls every day and trained incredibly hard to build up a really skinny physique since he was a little child. The wear and tear on his body has been pretty incredible. Then he almost lost his leg in that car accident. The drive and determination he has to win borders on maniacal. I hope he wins again, but the competition today is unreal on tour, even with the LIV tour watering down the PGA tour. If he does win again, Augusta would be where he does it, I believe.


One of his former coaches cited Tigers obsession with Navy Seals training to be a big issue in the injuries he’s had (not including of coarse the car wreck). From a book he wrote he said Tiger trained with Navy Seals when he was too old to withstand the rigors of their back breaking work. That’s his former coach Hank Haney’s take. There was an ugly parting of the ways between those two so it could be Hank’s sour grapes. Who knows?

Tiger closed bogey-bogey today and right now is just below the cut line, but it could certainly come down as the greens get firmer late in the afternoon.

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