taking the family to hawaii-3 days oahu, 9 days maui, daytrip to the big island.

we’ve booked hotels and pearl harbor (the one thing I HAVE to do)

but need ideas on restaurants, surfing, snorkeling, shopping, etc

Thanks in advance for any ideas, we’ve never gone before so everything will be new


If I remember correctly, Guy is on Oahu; he would steer you straight.

We did one of those underwater scooter deals with your head in bubble feeding you oxygen. Great description I know.

That was pretty neat. Can’t remember the name of the place but I imagine you can find several.


If you like, please send me a PM of your party make up, what they want to do and what their interests are. I shall try to give y’all some ideas to consider. Hawaii is mostly about the outdoors…beaches, ocean, pools, hiking, golf, etc…


You must do the road around Maui and swim in the water fall pools. You don’t have to do them all. But do a few. They are similar.

Do a day at Pearl Harbor. It is still among my all time highlights.

Read a little about the history of the island before you go. There are things that will make more sense on your trip if you study the island a little.

Guy will steer you right. He told us several things that made our last trip very nice. I noticed he offered, so I suggest you take him up on his offer.

You are doing the right thing by taking a day for Pearl. Take it all in. Don’t rush it. It will affect you. I think the taped submarine tour is certainly a must there, and do whatever Guy suggest.

We are going back next March and looking forward to it.

sounds great-like a cross between Roger Moore era James Bond, and Scoobie Doo and Shaggie!


If you take the road to Hana on Maui, prepare to give yourself an entire day. We tried to start midday and figured we would never get back by dark, so we turned around about halfway there. All of those blind curves will test your nerves.

On Maui, there is a lot to do at Lahaina. The Whalers Village has a lot of shops and restaurants, and one of the adjacent resorts (The Westin, I think) has a luau.

The beaches on the North Shore and the Dole Plantation on Oahu are worth checking out. My brother, who used to be stationed at Schofield while he was in the Army, pointed me to Ka’ena Point State Park, which has some beautiful views of the Pacific. It’s not far from the Army base, probably a 45-minute drive from Honolulu.

Travel right up the spine from Oahu and you will find north beach (I think) and some of the biggest most beautiful waves anywhere. Drive back around the coast to the right back to Honolulu, stop along the way at various vacant beaches (beautiful) an stop on the road for some local beach fare. Half day trip and a great time.

I can add more later but on the Road to Hana don’t turn around at Hana! Make the full drive and you won’t regret it. 90% of people turn around and the backside has very little traffic and is beautiful! There’s a small section that is gravel. Rental car company will try to scare you from doing it but it was in as good a shape as any normal gravel road in AR. I recommend getting the GyPSy app on your phone to have a tour guide for your trip on your phone. They tell you where to stop on the islands and it’s well worth the $5 or so it costs. We used it on the Big Island, Maui, and Kauai a few years back.

The scenery and beauty of Hawaii are awesome! One word of advice…do not leave valuables in your rental car ever! Wife and I went snorkeling one day at a public beach and someone broke into our car and wiped our wallets clean. Cops were ZERO help except to tell us this is typical in Maui…basically if you’re stupid enough to leave wallets in the car, you deserve it was the vibe I got. Other than this incident, our trip few years ago was awesome.

Pearl Harbor is so spiritually moving. Words cannot describe the depth of emotion and reverence I had with our visit. I would skip Honolulu otherwise and spend more time out of the city and away from all the traffic.

The road to Hana is stressful and I would not waste one of my days doing that. There are many other things we enjoyed besides Hana. One thing we did was take the ferry from Lahaina to Lanai where I played Jack’s beachside course. You can also go up and play a gGreg Norman course on the mountain, but much different climate. Lanai also has two Four Seasons that are beautiful with lots of stuff to do.

I will be going to Maui in Sept. cannot wait.