OT-had Covid vaccine this am!

Pfeizer, not Moderna. I would have preferred Moderna, but beggars can’t be choosers.

No pain at all. I’ve never been so happy about a vaccine in my life. All the docs were giddy, like Disney for health care providers. We are sooooooo sick of this stupid virus.

This is a very exciting time, like we are finally “fighting back” vs this pandemic. Really hard to believe that we have vaccines for a novel virus, in the same calendar year. a testament to human ingenuity.



Good for you!!!

Thanks to you and all our front line folks during this pandemic.

Hats off and great to hear you’re getting the vaccine. I’m ready to get it myself.

So glad to hear it. How long before the vaccine begins to have effect? I understand the first dose alone is pretty effective, but I assume it takes several days for any immunity to build up.

What’s your view of the pfeizer vs moderna?

Another hopeful that the Prez was claiming would happen before the end of the year.

we were told 3 weeks to have reasonable boost to immunity. Also 2nd shot in 3 weeks.


they are very similar in reported efficacy, Moderna is much easier to store. both appear very effective. I’d recommend either to anyone who can get it. lets get our lives back!


Yes, and no. This type of virus has been studied carefully for 2 decades. So, “insights” were awaiting a good solution. We’re very lucky this wasn’t a completely new virus to humans.

But the messenger RNA is new technology
That’s the impressive part of this development

Getting moderna next Wednesday
Can’t wait

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Fantastic! As an elder diabetic with heart issues, I salute you and can’t wait to join you. What a shot in the arm :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:! My cousin in Florida will love your Disney description. She is a Disney fanatic, has a season pass, is a Social Worker in a hospital, has had the father of her son die of COVID, and watches in horror as high school football games in Tampa are held with full capacity almost entirely maskless crowds including the Governor as the pandemic rages on. Thank you for your service. And GVG (Go, Vaccine, Go)!

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