OT: gymnastics question

May be a dumb question, but…

How does a 9.9 in the SEC compare to a 9.9 in the Olympics? Or even high school and club meets?

Is it all relative? Or would a 9.9 at the SEC meet get a 9.9 at the Olympics or World Championships?

Olympics gymnastics has changed its scoring. They have the 10.0 for execution and a separate score for difficulty, and the two are combined. So a girl could get a 10.0 for execution of a relatively easy routine but lose to somebody with a small mistake on a much tougher routine

Jeff gave a good answer to how the elite gymnasts are scored. One thing to remember is that each routine is assigned a start value. I’m not sure if that varies by level, but I doubt it. So when Kennedy Hambrick performs a floor exercise, it is based on 10 points. If the start value is less, then each deduction is taken from that lower start value.

Right, I recall the talking heads mentioning Friday night that one of the Bama girls’ starting value was below 10.0 on one event.

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