OT: Grilling for Christmas

Our family always gathers at our house Christmas Eve after attending Christmas Eve services at our church. The tradition was handed down from my mom and dad. My two daughter, two son in laws and 7 grands (age 16-9) will be here. This year I’m smoking a prime rib roast on my new Traeger 870. I’m also smoking our traditional ham. Suzi is putting together my moms banana pudding and has already made moms lemon ice box pie. She’s getting all the trimmings ready too. Curious as to what your family tradition are and what you’re cooking.

Blessings to all of my HI family for a Merry Christmas and a healthy New Year. And thanks to all the HI staff and moderators. Y’all do a great job.


Tonight….Beef tenderloin-seared then smoked and/or honey baked ham with sides…my wife does spinach madeleine and homemade Mac & cheese that our boys devou, plus mashed sweet potatoes which is my fav. Crème Chocolate pots for desert and pecan pie.

Tomorrow morning brunch with frittata, monkey bread, hash brown casserole and sausage balls with fruit compote.

This morning…Had homemade cinnamon rolls and wild breakfast sausage me and dad made from hunting thanksgiving.


Dang Doc, think I’ll get on a plane here in Ca and head your way, sounds like fantastic eating at your house

LD, we do something very similar. Our family will gather around 3 pm at our home. We hid an ornamental pickle on our Xmas tree and the young ones take turns trying to find it. Monetary rewards are in order for the winner and runner up. . Yes, we do give hints. Right now I am smoking two chickens on my WSM. My family prefers smoked chickens to Turkey. My wife makes her famous ribbon salad and cranberry salad.

Wishing you and your family and all HI users, moderators and staff, a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. WPS


Smoked my 1st prime rib about 5 years ago, it’s the only way I’ll do them now, oh boy do I miss my Mom and her banana pudding, brings back great memories

Merry Christmas


I am family to lots of folks not blood but I cook prime rib or prime tenderloin, turkey and frenched lamb chops. I am using a Pitboss 1600 but considered the Traeger stronly. Wifey does mac ad cheese, salad and I add oyster dressing and yeast rolls. Desserts are overdone to include Guyanese black cake (rum), lemonberry cake, coconut pie, praline pumpkin pie, and chocolate ghiradelli pie. I plan on duck, oyster and crab gumbo and hope that I have enough for 25 to gather. There will be Polish, Guyanese, Persian and Turks in the company and they normally add a holiday dish from their country. Always fun and I never know who is gonna show up. I am hoping for safe travels in our snow and cold. Today the mayor asked the Titans to postpone their game since non-essential businesses are asked to not use elecricity. 10 minute rolling blackouts are in force.

We’re having 15 minute rolling blackouts here in Chattanooga. Only 1 so far. Merry Christmas @rayzabackerii

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Titans have yet to honor the mayor’s request, the facility is Davidson/Metro owned. Given their current level of play, they are certainly non-essential.

Just a side comment that I hope the prime rib roasts that several of you mentioned are black angus because it does have a so much better taste! Our local grocery has black angus choice (or better, and the one that I bought was marbled darn close to prime) standing rib roasts on sale for $6.49/lb. My daughter is going to have a prime black angus tenderloin for Christmas, so I cut steaks (1 1/8" thick) from the rib roast and went ahead and froze them for later use. Barbequed the “bones” and ate the meat off the other evening. Tender and delicious!

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Don’t have to worry about blackouts/power outages with my stick burner! :wink:

Enjoy the good eats! I do homemade cinnamon rolls on Christmas mornings. Spiral ham on Christmas Day dinner. Christmas Eve usually varies. This year the crew wants some chicken and fried rice.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!!


They delayed the Titans game 1 hour due to the rolling black outs. How does that help? They will have to use lights to finish (most likely). Crazy

I make apple pancakes (think crepes) for Christmas morning. It is family tradition. Pettit Jean bacon is nice complement. Will have smoked turkey at dinner. Along with assorted sides. Jellied cranberry sauce is my lone request. I will probably make cherry cobbler.

Bigger feed will come Tuesday night when Gage’s crew arrives from Colorado. Per request from Thanksgiving, we will have smoked chickens under smoked pork chop rack. A game of Hogopoly might break out. Or not. Gage and I will sample some scarce bourbon while others knock out some Malbec or some Australian 19 Crimes. There is some California cab, too, some Justin.

I’ll make a day trip to the Liberty Bowl unless there are too many delicious leftovers.


The only reason I care is this

Back to the topic, my crew had Christmas last Sunday. Smoked Turkey and a ham with all the fixings.

All this stuff sounds great But a homemade pecan pie with homemade crust!

Is it worth making your own pie crust?

Making your own pie crust is definitely something worth mastering. In terms of cost, tastiness, and healthfulness, it wins hands down. Convenience is more of a tie, with the store-bought edging ahead. But ultimately, we think it’s worth the TLC it takes to make a good pie crust.

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Tonight, amazing assortment of dips, finger foods, crawfish boudin, brisket, Old Fashions
Tomorrow, French Toast Casserole breakfast and Seafood Gumbo lunch. Goodness
Merry Christmas to all


Sounds fantastic! I love some food from Louisiana!

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Megan is doing a pot roast.

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Forgot to add we ate homemade shrimp étouffée last night for supper…I’ve had shrimp from south LA caught by a family friend in my freezer a few months and they were amazing. Doing a big gumbo next week when my oldest gets home mid week, and I’ll do a shrimp fry if it’s not too cold.

Hate to know my cholesterol level after all these rich meats and buttery dishes.

We do breakfast so kids can go to their other family events and I can rest up. Early rise and then early nap = win win :trophy: