OT Great Success treatment for CV. Very good news

I have been excited about this for a long time this is the most extensive study I’ve seen… Awesome news!

Just click the login or sign up and it will take you to my Facebook page where I copied it.

Youdaman can you tell me what it says?

Facebook sent me an email last year saying someone reported me for not being who I said I was and locked my account. They want my birth certificate, photo ID, and a credit card number to reopen it (no guys this is not a scam it’s actually Facebook) and I refuse to give them that info. So I don’t have Facebook, can’t see anything from Facebook no matter whose account it is

you should be able to click the red login or sign up link and it take you right to my Facebook page or at least it did when I clicked it… basically there’s a doctor has used chloroquine and Z-Pak on about 350 patients and it’s worked on every single one of them. Usually gets there breathing back under control and 3 or 4 hours and it said no setbacks so far.I know a lot of doctors are using this and I hope we continue to see such good reports.


Doesn’t work for me, youda. Takes me to regular Facebook feed.

Should have sent them your “Most Wanted” poster from post office. :laughing:

That would be good news, I had heard a report a few weeks ago where Italy had been using chloroquine and having positive results. I also saw a report from one of the African countries where they weren’t having sucess with it, BUT that is an area ripe with malaria so more people have probably already taken it, and maybe that is something that causes the results to differ. If that is the case, that worries me, being to a lot of countries while I was in the military I’ve had a lot of malaria preventatives.


Two years ago me and my wife were victims of identity fraud. Caught it pretty quick (never been to Utah (well was at Four Corners, so technically I have been) but my credit card was charged $8,000 at a Mexican Food Restaurant has n Provo. Obviously, wasn’t me. So we went through the whole identity theft crap and my wife, son, and daughter all received a message from Facebook stating to send them an ID to get access (guess the identity theft dept contacted them). Mine had additional items including the credit card to regain access. Irritated me a little and I decided Facebook wasn’t that interesting.

Ok sorry about that just read my report on what it basically said above

I have a good friend who is a doctor and she said it works very well for those that are not seriously ill,those that have been on a ventilator she said it’s not the best option because it can throw some of them in the cardiac arrest pretty quickly but it’s very effective otherwise on those that are not seriously ill

ANYTHING is better than nothing at this point especially!

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