OT Great news

This has been over 1 year on going health issue. Prostate Cancer

I had another biopsy done Monday and received a call just before the BB game last night.

The news is it came back benign tumor. Now I am still on the 3 month watch list for a PSA.

They may wait a year this time before doing another biopsy. All depends on my PSA.

Thanks for all the thoughts and Prayers! Thank-you Thank-you!!

My doctor was very concerned about my lack of energy, but both knees are gone also. But I’m standing upright today!!

Good news for sure. Hope things continue to be positive.

Fantastic. All the best.

Great to hear! Good vibes sent your way!

Great news. Exciting news.

I am very happy for you and your family; may the good news continue!

Great news indeed,another opportunity to be thankful ! WPS

God bless you and your family!

Biopsies are no fun! Best wishes.

Praying for you sir!!

Great news! I hope the good news keeps coming.

I like to read posts like this one. Great news.

Enjoy every minute of your good health

Great replies! Thanks to everyone who gave a thought, a prayer for me and my family.

Kind of like we are here. We all have different opinions about our FB team, BB team, coaches and style of play. I think we can all agree that when in real need we all pull together, saying prayers for our family here. WPS

Thanks again,