OT: Good report on healing

This is just a thank you note for everyone who has prayed and kept up as my wound has healed following surgery for an infected mass in my back.

The wound has closed. There is new skin all the way across. I am still wearing one small bandaid just as protection because of the nature of new skin. It’s more for protection as the skin grows stronger.

It’s been over two months since the surgery. It was once a hole the size of an egg. It’s filled considerably, but I supposed there will always be a little depression in that spot. Someone else probably can tell me how that’s going to turn out. I’m told not to expose that area to sunshine for a long time because it can easily burn.

Well, I don’t think I’ll take my shirt off on the beach ever again. That’s a nasty scar area!

I probably can go wade fishing this weekend, if there was some weather warm enough to want to go outside and wade fish. It sure doesn’t look like a good weekend forecast for the North Arkansas rivers that I love. In fact, we’ve got a forecast for snow coming in on Friday and continuing Saturday.

There is an annual church retreat that I’ve helped lead (along with Bruce Ritter and Sam Hannon) for about 10 or 12 years. We are scheduled to be on the Norfork River. I fully expect that to be canceled. It just doesn’t look like a good weekend to be fishing. You don’t have to worry about our rivers freezing. The dam releases are warmer than the air temps this time of year. But the driving around in cars on ice or snow covered hills is the issue. No flat roads between Fayetteville and Norfork. Even if you get warm temps later in the day, the shady spots on the hills between Huntsville and Alpena can be be a little tough to handle.

Thanks for the update Clay. Being out of commission for a while makes you more thankful for your health. Another answered prayer.

Thanks for sharing your life with us. And thanks for all the history and insights you give your readers. You are appreciated.

And tell Jean Ann thanks from all your buddies for keeping you in line and doctored when you were down. A good wife is a blessing.

PTL! proud for you Clay! I know you are glad you have the worst behind you!

Good news. It was good to read your healing has progressed satisfactorily. God Bless. GHG!

That’s great news, Clay!

Great news Clay,
Sounds like you will be good & healthy in time to start reporting what a great fit & team mate KB is with the Hogs.

Great news Clay! With particular thanks for your continued reporting on the Hogs during your suffering.

yes good news. thanks for update

I had back surgery when I was 16. The incision is almost a foot long; there’s also a second incision over my hipbone where they took bone grafts. One spot on the big scar refused to heal and they had to treat it with silver nitrate for months until it finally closed up. I was slightly ashamed of the scar for about a year. After that, no issue. Even now, 42 years later, I don’t mind running with my shirt off in warm-ish weather for all to see my scars.

Great to know this. Thanks for sharing. Now y’all

It looks like I’ll see the doctor on Thursday. I hope to get a release. I know the process isn’t done. New skin is still forming underneath the top layer, or something like that. Got a long ways to go before I’m out of the woods (and maybe back in the river).

So glad you’re well, Clay. Know that must’ve been a terrible ordeal.