OT- God Send!

I am sure most of you have heard about the fires out here. This past weekend, the smoke was so heavy that the sun was completely blocked out. Temperatures were right at 100 F. Woke up this morning to our first snow of the year and temperatures in the mid 20s. Had wet snow and cold rain all day. This was a God send that we really needed. Love it!!

You have to live out here to learn to appreciate this on 9/8. It is great.


just hope its not an indication of a long hard colder than "normal"fall and winter for you

Aw, Jim can handle that. He can just teach more skiing.

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That would be just great! Suppose to be back in upper 80s by weekend though, but I will be in mountains chasing Wapti by then

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What’s a Wapti, if you are not referring to Gage or Clay?

That one would be great!! Have got one a little bigger than that, but would never pass on that guy. Hope this weather has them thinking about their ladies and talking. Love to talk to those guys. That is where the real fun comes. They tare up trees, throw mud everywhere and basically let the world know to leave them and their ladies alone,

Is this a Wapiti? This was taken in my broNlaw’s back yard in Clancy, MT in 2015.

Yup, and we have them in Arkansas.

The Colorado forecast map yesterday was something: freeze, fire, and snow all on the same map. It is 65 here and 85 in Fayetteville when I last checked, two hours away. Weather is crazy.

That is one for sure. He has been mixing it up with the other boys over the ladies (some things are the same no matter). The marks are plain.

I was really looking forward to the cooler weather, but a version of the Fayetteville Fizzle got us. Today though, we have a nice steady rain and it’s 71°.

The last several months have affected my sense of time. My initial thought when I read Jim’s post was: It’s awfully early for snow. With football still mostly out of season, it’s hard to remember we’re already well into September.

We left Fayetteville yesterday and brought the heat to Chattanooga. Ready for fall.

Gage told me it was 98 on Saturday, then 5 inches of snow Tuesday with high of 37. I’ve never heard of anything like that before.

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