OT: Give Heisman back to Reggie Bush

This is behind a paywall, but a few highlights:

The NCAA was the real cheater, not Bush. For decades, the NCAA perpetrated something close to a crime, defrauding Bush and other college athletes of their name, image and likeness rights, only to invert the morals of the situation and brand the young champion the criminal for accepting what he merely was entitled to. Give the Heisman back. It’s stolen property.

“I never cheated this game,” Bush tweeted last summer when he launched a campaign to recover his trophy from the NCAA and the Heisman Trust. “That was what they wanted you to believe about me.”


The NCAA is very consistent in one area….hypocracy… :wink:

The NCAA has no control over the heisman, which is operated through the Heisman Trust. The trust, now managed by ESPN can award Chad Morris the heisman if it chooses.

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Bush cheated and USC cheated. End of story.


Didn’t read but if he did what the NCAA said he did and from what I read in the past that appears to be the case.

He and USC broke rules at the time so he and USC should be punished.

Should we revisit people convicted of breaking past laws but now would be legal under current laws?


That’s an excellent point. In my one time being selected as a juror, the defendant accepted a plea deal to do 7yrs in prison right before the trial was set to begin. The judge pulled us in the courtroom to give us the plea agreement news and all the extra details about the case that we didn’t get during the jury selection process. It turned out if we had found him guilty, we would’ve had to sentence him based on being a 3-time felon which would’ve been an automatic 25yrs in prison. The irony was, at least one of those previous felonies wasn’t even a felony any more, just a misdemeanor. But that didn’t matter though since it was a felony at the time. After learning that, I was happy he took the plea deal.

In the criminal law sense, this isn’t uncommon and sometimes sentences are reduced retroactively.


Did Bush get robbed or not is the question I have no answer to. But since the trophy is in limbo, give it to DMAC cause he did get robbed.


Any examples of reduced sentences?

Any nonviolent marijuana charge

Did USC gained a competitive advantage by buying Bush and his family?

Wait. I thought you asked about revisiting offenders of now defunct laws.

But I’ll play along. Any team with Reggie Bush had a competitive advantage

But I suspect those upset with USC don’t even know the full story and only have the headlines and think “USC” bought his parents an apartment so he would enroll there

To me, giving the award back would dishonor each and every team that followed the rules that were in place.

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