OT - Front page format messed up?

Anyone having problems with the front page formats? The red line above the Board index has only “Notifications” on the far left side and my name on the far right side. the “Private Message”, the “New posts”, etc are all missing.

Also, when I first opened the site, I was logged in, but when I hit “forums”, I got the message “this board does not have forums”?? I logged in and out and got the same message for the “forums”. I repeated it again and then the forums appeared, but the front page is messed up as discussed in my first paragraph?

Having same issues, went to control panel and clicked on private messages and it said I wasn’t authorised (misspelled) to use private messages

Mine did the same. It kept asking me to subscribe to. After o was already reading stuff. Guess it’s a full moon.

Logging out and logging back in has fixed some issues, but it seems that you tried that. Some of you posting in this thread may need to try doing that.

It seems to me it’s a system problem now. I’ve been e-mailing with Hector. I let him know that at the top of my forums, it said my last visit was Sept 6th. I’ve been on here each day. It was working fine all day up until about an hour ago. It appears the system is losing data??

Mine is all jacked up too.

I understand tech issues, but this has had a lot of problems. Its starting to get a bit old.

One thing that doesn’t get broken. All those advertisements never go away. Thats a whole nother gripe of mine. I hate advertisements when I pay for it.

Yeah, mine started same time yours did. Tried logging out and back in and nothing

I logged out of 3 devices PC (on 2 different browsers - Edge and Firefox), phone, and tablet (both on Chrome). I then logged back on only Firefox. Now I’ve got My Posts, New Posts, PMs, Unread posts, etc. All items across the top. However, I still don’t have the “Ticket Exchange Board”. I don’t know if logging out of all devices and all browsers worked, or if the Techs have just fixed the problem.

This stuff is getting old. This is the only web-site I’ve had any trouble with. Maybe the huge increase in members over a very short time messed up the software.

Hey. Ticket Exchange is back. Sorry for the troubles.