OT: From Saturday's UGA game

Hope this works, first time I have tried to upload a picture


Now that’s funny right there …

Had to read a couple of times, but I eventually got it. Very nice catch!

:laughing: :rofl:

“Khakis… er… Silver Britches”"

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They really ought to put in in khaki colored pants, at least for warm ups, it would be great (he already has the red shirt)

Guess I missed something.:confused:

The State Farm commercial where a dude’s wife catches him on the phone late at night and he says he is talking to Jake From State Farm.


There is a well know State Farm commercial where the wife catches her husband on the phone. She thinks he has called a sex service. She demands who he is talking to. He says, “Jake from State Farm.” In the picture above is says “Jake Fromm” and then “State Farm.” I just thought it was funny.

Jake from State Farm

Got it.:flushed: That totally went over my head.