OT - for the Cowboys fans

Not a fan of the NFL but do read articles about Razorbacks and other SEC players that make it in the league. This one, http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/1793 … oviding-it, has as much to do with Dak Prescott as the Cowboys.

Looks as though the Cowboys have finally found the QB and RB that will get them back to relevance.

Dallas had a great quarterback/running back combo two years ago and should have played in the NFC Championship Game. The biggest difference this year is that Dallas had a capable backup QB for when Romo was hurt, not a retread like Jon Kitna, Kyle Orton or Brandon Weeden.

The real reason for the Cowboys’ success is the offensive line and the defense. Dallas stopped relying on free agency so much and has spent a lot of high draft picks at those positions. The team probably would have been in the playoffs last year had Romo been healthy. The past few years have been promising.

You are largely correct, Matt. However, it appears to me that the Cowboys offense is more efficient with Dak at the helm. Yeah, he had a few bad throws last night. But a lot of Cowboys fans have confidence in the kid that he won’t make the sort of dumb, game-losing play that Romo has made in the past. Romo is a good QB, but he’s also been responsible for some heartbreaking moments that make it hard to have real confidence in him. Plus, he might be one hard hit away from taking it to the house and retiring.

Dak is no bus driver. He’s making plays, avoiding dumb plays, and is running that offense very efficiently. I’m uber impressed with the guy.

Youth and wisdom a rare combo in NFL

Makes smart head decisions for the most part ( he’s human had a few mistakes last night) but his youth and ability to scramble and pick up yards to move the chains is serving him well and the team

Great win last night

I’m loving it as you can imagine.

I understand the perception of Romo making bad decisions at critical times, but the truth is that his play really improved since 2013. This is coming from a longtime Dallas fan who has watched him make many maddening plays.

The Cowboys were 18-5 in the last 23 starts by him (including the 2014 NFC divisional game in Green Bay that Dallas should have won), and his TD to INT ratio was 41 to 17 during that span. In 2013, he had 31 TDs to 10 INTs; 34 TDs to 9 INTs in 2014.

I don’t think there is any doubt that Dak has done well and he needs to start the rest of the season, but I don’t think we would be talking about his success without that offensive line. It keeps him off the ground and gives Dallas a running threat, both of which the Cowboys didn’t have for most of Romo’s years as a starter. Dak stepped into a situation that most rookie QBs don’t have. To his credit, he has taken full advantage.

Dallas has the best Oline in the league and will for the next couple of years. That’s the main reason for their offensive success and on defense they have a big time D coordinator in Marinelli.