OT: For LDhog

@LDhog :grinning:



The real Little Debbie is a wonderful lady. She smart, humble and a terrific leader.

Clay keeps us in business with his Oatmeal Creme habit!

Clay and Saban. Not sure Nick hasn’t bought stock in the company.

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That is why you have a pointer. GHG!

Moderators, appears this could be crossing a political line and based upon your moderating history you should probably lock this out before it gets ugly.

I don’t eat as many as I once did. I’m down to two or three a day. Doing better. Thankfully, after LD retired, the semi truck stopped coming to my office. I’m telling the truth here.


I’ve lost about 15 pounds since retiring. Having an office in the Little Debbie plant makes it too easy to get some fresh off the lines.

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