OT: For Clay and all the Hog Outdoorsmen/women……

Happy Easter all! Just thought I would share what I got to enjoy this fine Easter morning from my in-laws backyard in Naples, FL that backs up to a protected forest. I came across this group when looking for any missed Easter eggs during the kiddos hunt. The others I took a couple of days ago from their lanai while just relaxing. Thought my fellow Hog fans might enjoy.


Here are some other images:


I saved the best for last but won’t let me upload a video and it is soooo cool. Any suggestions? Can I send to some else to upload?

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It’s probably too large to upload. Marty might be able to help

I have a few backyard shots.

I claim the Norfork as my backyard. The river pictures are about 800 yards below my house and where I go most days to wade fish.

The deer pictures are taken from my grilling deck. The crappie were caught a couple of miles from my house in Norfork Lake.


Port Orange - Daytona Beach


Love it Clay and Daytona!!!

Hopefully Marty can help with video!

Thanks Swine - maybe Marty has an answer.

It’s the Saint Peter’s basketball team!

Dogwoods are popping at my house. I have 19. There are also 17 red buds. Beautiful here.


I sent you a private message.

I love this thread!

2 for 1! Busch Wildlife Sanctuary, Jupiter, FL

It was my youngest son’s 5th (yellow shirt)

I do see a lot of wildlife down here esp bc where i work backs up to a refuge. Gators and hogs galore.


Our deck over looking Lake Ouachita

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It is beautiful and peaceful. You are richly blessed.
Happy Easter!

So awesome!! Love seeing this stuff!!

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Whoaaaaa….that’s a big bear!!! Arkansas black bear?

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I got bears, too. They rumble through about every 6 months. Don’t leave anything out or put corn in feeders.

Then there are the night owls.

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Have not seen that big boy lately. He either roamed to the national forest or was claimed by a neighbor.

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