OT - For all who remember Reggie Herring

Guess he is the LB coach of the Denver Broncos and took over calling defensive plays after Wade was taken to the hospital after getting wiped out on the sideline yesterday.

http://broncoswire.usatoday.com/2016/10 … o-shut-up/

He has been with Wade Phillips since he left Arkansas.

Almost the entire time. Reggie coached in Chicago for one season, between the time Gary Kubiak was fired by the Texans and hired by the Broncos. Wade Phillips was out of coaching that year.

Phillips was probably the best thing to happen to Herring. He took the Texas A&M defensive coordinator job a few days after losing the Cotton Bowl at Arkansas. He was there for about a month, then joined Phillips’ staff with the Cowboys. He seems to have made a good career for himself in the NFL.

Think I read that somewhere earlier; what I did not realize was his 35 years in pro football.

I’ve known Reggie for a long time. I was covering Oklahoma State when Jimmy Johnson hired him to coach linebackers in Stillwater. He had hair, believe it or not. He was a wild man as a young coach. He would try to step into drills to demonstrate, ala Wilson Matthews. Of course, the players had on pads, he did not. Reggie is a good guy, a good coach and someone I’ll always consider a friend. I follow and pull for him. One of my favorite quotes of all time comes from him.

It was after Arkansas gave up 70 to SC in the Coliseum. He was sitting on a curb outside the locker room under the stands doing an interview with me and maybe one other. He said, “Some day when I’m hanging on the back end of a garbage truck, there will be big words on the side of that truck that say, “The guy on the back gave up 70 to SC!” You don’t ever live this down. It’s with you forever. You own it. It’s in the record books.”

Reggie was the same every day I ever talked to him. He’d wrap his arm around your neck and tell you something funny, then answer your questions. He’d ask about your family. And, he was always funny. Now some things he probably shouldn’t have said or done and the pink jersey deal was probably better used in another era. But he got his point across to players and always was fair. A loaf was a loaf with players. He got his guys to play hard most of the time and that’s the essence of coaching.

The deal at SC was because of the magnitude of talent at SC at the time. From QB, to RB, to WR to OL, that SC team had everything.