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I have not been fishing for several years but here in Georgia a man caught a
redbreast sunfish which I would not know if I saw one, but it is a state and they think a tie for world record of 1 pound 12 ounces and 11 and 3/8 inches long. I have no idea what one of those even look like.

Any idea where it was caught? That’s unbelievably huge for that species. I live about a quarter of a mile from the GA line just outside Chattanooga.

I had to look it up but it was in the Satilla river near the town of Folkson. I am not familiar with either of those.

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They sure eat great. Bream is similar to crappie in taste. Just much smaller. A filet is about the size of a tater chip. But they are good.

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Growing up we did a lot of Bream fishing. My grandparents would take me at least twice a week in the summer. Sometimes every day. We fished Belco Lake, Swan Lake and Glenwood Lake (and others) for the most part. Off the bank. My parents also took me many a summer Saturday. Dad had a Scott 3.6 gas motor and we would rent boats. For a while we used fly rods and popping bugs to go after them. Typically we would hit reservoirs near Stuttgart. One that stands out is Peckerwood lake. Mom could handle the fly rod pretty well. We cleaned every decent sized one and fried them whole. I was good at cleaning them and better at eating them. Wonderful, wonderful memories. As a teenager I got into bass fishing with my Uncle. That became a passion until I was married and got into horses.

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