OT: First par in 17 years

Went out to the local resort course to get in a quick 9 before the football game, For seven holes (i.e., every par 4 and par 5) I stunk. Everything way right. But the two par 3s, which are back to back, were another story.

First one is only about 100 yards but it’s forced carry over water; there is no bailout. Stopped my wedge on the back edge of the green, then three putted for a 4. Next hole, 120, also over water, but there is a bailout. I didn’t use it. Hit it thin, it skipped across the pond twice and up about 18 inches onto semi-dry land. Wedged it up from there to about 25 feet, then made the right to left curler for the par.

Best I remember, it’s my first par since 2005 when I lived in Pearland. And maybe longer than that.

Good omen for this afternoon/evening? Hope so.


Congratulations… Golf is a very humbling game for sure. I shot 81 today but most all of my over par strokes were short game related which is usually the case when I have a bad round.

I will play tomorrow then I will put them up until April. First 3 months of the year are always designated for me to get the fluff off my stuff after overeating November and December. this year worse than most because I’ve been playing so much golf I have neglected my working out and I can most definitely tell it.

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I remember the thrill of my first par — a chip in from probably 20 or so feet on a par 4 that broke just right. It was a sense of accomplishment. I’m sure you felt that, too.

I have one par and one birdie in my entire golf-playing life (which is brief). I haven’t picked up a club since I had kids, so I’m not sure if it’s going to get any better than that.


Oh yeah.

Still remember my first birdie, at Paradise Valley in Fayetteville back when you didn’t have to be a member to play. Believe it was on #9, short par 4. Somehow got to the front edge in regulation then rolled in about a 15 footer.

Haven’t been a lot of birdies in the 42 years since then, I’m afraid.

I’d say the highlight of my golf career remains one of the Saturday morning media scrambles before WMS night football games. I usually ended up on Paul Eells’ team; I told him he must be getting tired carrying my butt every weekend. This weekend was at Burns Park. Paul pulled his drive a tad into a fairway bunker on a par 4; none of the rest of us were even close, so we decided to play out of the bunker. I stepped up and hit the 8-iron of my life out of the sand. it stopped about a foot from the cup. I don’t know exactly how far, because Harry King, in the group ahead, picked up my ball, threw it back to me and said “Helluva shot”. I was a little upset. I wanted to make that birdie putt.


LOL. I shot a 129 at Hindman during my first ever round of golf at age 13. I parred the 3rd hole.

Crazy how I never forget the 129.


I am happy for Jeff. Only thing that’s important is that golf made you forget about your troubles. That’s the way fly fishing is for me. I get in a zone and concentrate on delivering the fly.


Clay, I have a question for you. I understand Southern Hills has been reworked quite a bit since the last time I saw it in the 80s. Never got to play it, of course, but I walked it in the '82 PGA and during Fore! Tulsa a few years later (I followed Hal Sutton around, which introduced me to the concept of golf groupies). What do you think of the revised version?

Yep the worst day on the golf course is always better than the best day at work…


Tip my hat to you golfers, always heard how you can unwind and relax, never was able to do either with a golf club in my hands, always had more luck with fishing rod in my hands. Congrats on the par and certainly hope it’s a good omen! WPS

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Southern Hills is still fantastic. The main difference is No. 2. Now a split fairway with a big pine in the middle.

The greens have sharper corners. More areas where balls won’t stay on green.

Lots of subtle changes but most won’t recognize them. Some new back tees added with new angles and more length.

I played it last year. Enjoyed everything about it.

Members are happy with the work of Gil Hanse. It’s somewhat of a restoration of the original Perry Maxwell design.

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For me, golf requires enough concentration that I don’t have time to think about work or the bills or whatever else may be bugging me. Only time I thought about work today was when the couple I was playing with asked me what I do for a living, and when I was going to retire (I wish…). The starter warned me that I didn’t want to make any bets with the female half of the couple. She was good, but not super good. She was upset that the starter tipped me off; of course I don’t bet on the golf course, so he really didn’t need to warn me.

I haven’t played golf in over 50 years. But I used to play on the old Neosho Municipal course. Back then it was a nine-hole course that took full advantage of the topography. It was fair, but challenging. It was designed in 1924 by Perry Maxwell. They later added nine more holes. As I recall, they renumbered holes.

Love golf when the course is clear and a round takes 3 hours. Hate it when the course is crowded and it takes 5. Seems like in S. Fla all courses are crowded and slow. Since I started my own business, the first time I get to a tee box and there is already a group waiting all I can think of is all the other things I need to be doing.

Took us almost exactly two hours to play 9 holes. We had to wait on the foursome in front of us on one tee box and out of one fairway, but not bad. Course does a good job of encouraging quick play.

I remember my first eagle. It was on #4 at Scissortail in Verdigris, Oklahoma, from #5’s fairway :eyes::man_shrugging:t3:

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No eagles yet. Probably the only way I’m gonna do that is a hole in one on a short par 3. Certainly not long enough to reach any par 5s in two.

Jeff, I made my first, and only, eagle not long after I started playing golf.
One of the biggest thrills of my life.
It was #4 at Lost Springs in Rogers. Par 4 with a pond at about 350 yards…total hole plays 420 from the whites. Cart path and OB all the way down the left.
Hit my drive left, and that sucker Tin Cupped it down the path…only 300-yard drive I’ve ever hit.
Ball ends up under a little pine a little over 100 yards out.
Gripped down on a 9 iron and dunked it.
I’m still smiling as I type this.

Of course, being the world class golfer that I am, I promptly doubled the next 2 holes.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Very interesting comment versus last eve’s Liberty Bowl win. That win should be our par, playing a team like Kansas. We should not bogey against them, or their ilk. Sam has releveled our game. A bowl W is now par…maybe next year, a better bowl will begin becoming par.

I was referring not only to the bowl game but the basketball game in Red Stick, which I frankly thought we had a better chance of winning than the football game with all the transfers and opt-outs. We split the pair. So not a super omen.

Mine was on a Par 4. Never saw it go in but enjoyed taking the ball out of the hole😇

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