OT: First day winner

Got the big fish for day one for the money pot in the Wildcat Club Caddis Cup. We are on the White river, guest of David Buskirk.

This is 23 inches of bad ass fish. Fought me hard.

Guide Kristopher Bouldin will get half the pot. He put me on brown trout all day. Put over 15 in net. Counting rainbows, it was incredible day fighting 22,000 cfs flows. Not easy conditions, but we figured it out.

It was a fun day. Did not lose one brown trout. That’s a trick.

Four days to go. I’m in second place overall, one quarter inch out of first. You put your five best fish on the board.

Mine were 23, 21, 21.25, 19.5 and 19.5. All caught on size 16 midges I tied. Love this deal. My third try. I’m off to my best start.


Retirement rocks! Kristopher is a keeper…… :wink:

Finish strong. That is awesome group of fish.

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Wow, nice catch. :muscle::muscle:

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Very nice Clay! You the man!!

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Caught four 21s today. But nothing bigger. Helped my board 4 inches. Tied for first after two days. Three days to go.

I’ve been in my element. Fishing some specialty midges. Lots of weight to break through surface film and fish deep in big flows. These are my ties. Caddis pupae of sorts.

My five fish through two days: 23, 21.25, 21, 21, 21. I will need something big next three days to win.

You count your five biggest fish for the five days.

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Fishing is a lot of fun!! I remember when I was a child my mother had a friend had some catfish ponds that wouldn’t let anybody fish in them unless he knew you… my brother would call him and ask if we could fish and he will always say yes and it was nothing for us to go over there in a couple hours catch a lot of catfish.

Glad to see you’re having fun Clay. Very nice fish…

You got this Clay… good luck

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Good luck! WPS

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This fishing gig is working out pretty good. Enjoy every minute….

Got big fish today. Lost a monster. Had it under boat for several minutes. Straight down 15 feet after getting it off bank clean. Pulled off fly.

So with the big fish two out of theee days, I’m clear leader for the week by over an inch.

My big brown today was 22.75 inches. I have caught the two biggest browns of the week.

I got two days to go.

I have caught around 50 brown trout in three days. Most with my flies. Guides kinda like my flies.


Living large, well done, Clay.

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2 more days and you take home the championship!! Keep Rocking your Roll Clay!!

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No big fish today. Lots of good 20-21 inch browns but that does not help my total. Will start last day in second 1/2 inch back of host David Buskirk.

We drew the same guide. It will be a royal cage match for 8 hours.

What great fun.

The prize is an engraved pocket knife.


Did not ever catch fire today. Did catch a bunch of browns under 21 inches. Did not lose a fish.

I sit second 1/2 inch away. Most can’t catch me or the host. Pairings are made on Sunday. I am paired with the leader (David Buskirk, the host) tomorrow with an outstanding guide. Should be a blast. David is from Edmond and has won his tournament many times. Me winning would be like a rookie beating Jack Nicklaus in US Open. But I will give it a try.


Come on Clay. He’s not fishing your midges. Hold your mouth right and get after it!

Yeah but what he don’t know is you got that secret Midge you’ve been waiting just for this day!! I think Midge is what you said you been fishing with :joy:

My dad taught me to spit on my cricket when bluegill fishing. He said it was good luck. I’m pretty sure that’s not a good plan with a midge and trout……


How did you end up doing Clay

Middle of the pack. 1 inch difference between first and sixth. I was fourth by 1/2 inch. I could give more details but I’m over it. Guide decides where you fish. Fish move. I did not break off or lose a fish last two days. Kept catching 21.25 inch browns that did not help me. Lost prize for big fish for week by .25.

Caught about 70 browns in five days. Great fun.

All eight can really fish. I did my best.

I had a huge brown slip off second day that would have won everything. Other guys probably did too.

I did not make mistakes so it was great week.

Water changed every day. Guides who had fish one day, had no fish next. You changed guides each day.

It’s luck of draw in that respect. I would have loved to have gone to the stretch that was good to me first three days. My guide went six miles the other direction last day. Oh well.


Well You did your best and that’s all that matters.I don’t understand not being able to pick where you wanted to go fish though. I think you got a bad deal there…

How do they determine who goes where?? I am sure you had to pay to enter and only fair to be able to go where you wanted to go…That way you would feel better on a bad day…

anyway I enjoyed the reports… Glad you had fun!