OT: Finally bought some land

I close on 23 acres on Bull Shoals lake out close to Lead Hill on Monday. I’ve wanted a chunk of land to call my own for most of my life, and I’m finally getting it. Going to build a small cabin to retire to in a few years. I can fish in the lake, below the dam, crooked creek. Tons of options and all are good.

I’m really excited about it. It’s amazing the opportunities that are available in a wonderful country like the USA


Congratulations Brother that sounds like quite a place!!

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I’d tell you where not to go (my best spots) but then you’d go there and I’d have to go Will Smith on you!

Congrats. The pollen is in the woods. So are the ticks. But I think it’s the price for victory.


I have about 1 acre on (well kind of on) Greers Ferry. We have a small house/cabin on it. The plan for years was to retire up there, but now with grandchild (and hopefully more to come) in NWA, we have changed plans. Trying to find even a boat slip on Beaver is just not possible. A house with a slip on Beaver? Better win the lottery. So, we are trying to decide whether to (1) give up on lake life (not a likely choice) (2) just keep the place at Greers Ferry (going from a 1 hour “commute” to about 3 hours) or (3) look at some other lake. Hadn’t really thought of Bull Shoals, going to have to look at it.

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Now that’s funny. Would have made no sense whatsover last Saturday.

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Signs the tooth recovery is going well.

Better. Not ready to crunch something on one side.

Congratulations… We are happy for you.

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I may try a steak (but my idea of a steak is a tender filet from Richard’s Country Meat Shop) in the next couple of days. I generally cook two that are 7 ounces. I eat about 10 ounces. Jean Ann wants about one bite. But she usually slips a bite to Rosie (our lab of almost 13) on the side. Rosie loves it when she sees me going outside to the grilling porch. She knows she might get a bite of steak.


Our tailgate sometimes does a “bring your own steak” day. I always get a small bacon wrapped filet from Richard’s. Richard’s is a jewel.

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