OT: Federer

My heart was warmed seeing Roger Federer and his longtime rival Rafael Nadal openly expressing their emotions during courtside ceremony after the last match of Federer’s amazing career. Real men do cry sometimes, and that’s OK…

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My late Mother (96) was a 20 year follower of Federer; big Tennis fan. She loved watching him. (Then, she was also a big Elway fan when Denver was doing well.) Funny that he’s retiring the year she did. Federer played so well, for so long, that was amazing.

Huge tennis fan here. I always rooted against Federer (never did like him) and rooted for Novak Djokovic and Rafa Nadal to pass him in all of his major records and those two eventually did just that. But I respect Federer’s game as the most beautiful style to watch and he had an outstanding career, He won’t be greatest in the record books, but definitely Top 3 greatest of all time.

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