OT: Fayetteville High at Razorback Stadium

Fayetteville High School is going to play two home games at Razorback Stadium this year, against Fort Smith Southside on Oct. 7 and Springdale on Oct. 21. There is not an Arkansas home game on either of those weekends.

Fayetteville’s Harmon Field is undergoing a renovation that is supposed to be finished sometime next year. The renovation will cause some challenges for the games FHS will play at home, which is why two games were moved to the UA.


When my son played for Russellville, they played their game with Fayetteville in Razorback Stadium. I think Fayetteville was doing some work on their stadium. I know it was a special thrill to all of those kids to get to play in that stadium

What year was that, Jim? I remember FHS playing there in the early '90s, but I went through some archives and couldn’t get a feel for which years exactly. I’m thinking for sure from 1992-94, but it might have began earlier.

Matt, I was planning to attend the NLR at FHS game the first weekend.

I don’t want to go if the renovation is too much of a problem from a spectator viewpoint.

How bad is it?


I think it is going to more of a problem from a parking perspective because some of that parking lot around the field is unavailable, and there isn’t an abundance of parking to begin with. I don’t think there will be any less seating available.

Fayetteville is supposed to scrimmage Greenwood there in a couple of weeks. I’ll have a better feel then for what it will look like.

By the way, that Fayetteville-North Little Rock game is Week 2, on Sept. 2. Fayetteville goes to Cabot in Week 1.

Hopefully some additonal revenues to the UofA for the use of Razorback Stadium.

Any plans for UofA to set-asside land off campus for parking, both for students & for games, where UofA &/or city bus service can transport to & from? Most other universities are doing that to accomodate limited on-campus parking.

I am going to say 94

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