OT Eddie Jackson’s beer garden / food truck grand opening

If you live in Houston, Eddie Jackson’s Rosehill Beer Garden has its grand opening this Saturday. They’ve been open for a week or so and the place is great. They have about half dozen food trucks, a great selection of beer & wine and a friendly, clean atmosphere. I stopped in for a while Saturday evening. There was a lively crowd hanging out. Eddie was mingling and slinging brews too. Kenny the Hammer Hamlin was there and was also great to catch up with. The place is on Cypress Rosehill Rd just North of Hwy 290.

I will certainly check it out - only about 4 miles from my home.

If I were still in H-town I’d definitely check it out.

Nice. My kind of place.

Snout, I live in Blackhorse. When you decide to stop by, let me know and I’ll meet you. Always great to meet another Razorback.

Will do that! I am in Fairfield.

Eddie had told me it was going to be a special place. It might be the kind of place I want to visit for a road trip. My wife loves flea market trips in the summer. She could leave me there for a few hours and Eddie would make sure I was full. I love Eddie Jackson.

I love a place that can babysit me while Meg and her friends are doing their thing.