OT — E. Ark. Guided Duck Hunts/Lodge

OT — I’ve done a lot of duck hunting in E. Arkansas in my younger years, but now am kind of out of the loop. I have a friend and his son here in Dallas that want to shoot some green heads in Stuttgart or that area and likely stay at a decent to nice lodge. They will pay what it takes. He also wants to do it before Christmas. I told him he might be too late for that, reservations wise. Any ideas? Doesn’t necessarily have to be Stuttgart. Thanks in advance!

EDIT: flooded timber preferably.

This is a highly interesting subject to me. What I can tell you is that the places that I once knew that were top notch as pay-to-play-and-stay are no longer that way. They have been purchased by wealthy men or companies. That’s the way it’s been going for several years in that area of our state. Good luck. I would have pointed you to Kevin McReynolds’ Double Deuce, but he sold about three years ago (to a good friend of mine). There are others that I would have never believed would be sold that you could have paid to hunt, but no longer.

One of my old friends owns this and I’ve been there. Great place. He has hosted a lot of pro athletes and celebrities. Not cheap.

Here is also a list from Stuttgart Chamber:

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Check out Stan Jones Mallard Lodge up in NE Arkansas.

Five Oaks, Humphrey, AR is world class, but I think your friends would be lucky if there are vacancies right now Good luck

Yes, kind of late to be doing this. By the way it looks like bowl trip will wipe out most of my planned hunt at Steel Wings with Wayne Reed. Probably reschedule for late in the season, if I’m lucky.

I’m still set for a great Whiskey Chute hunt with Leo Crafton and Hal Hunnicutt.

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I’ve forwarded everyone’s’ recommendations. Thank you! He’s about to start on trying to find a reservation. Could be tough.

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