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We have a grandson here in the Dallas area who just made me a happy camper by informing me he has decided to attend the U of A starting this fall. He has to make selections pretty quickly on an on-campus dormitory for he and his roommate. Do any of you have advice, suggestions, etc., I can pass along to him. I know next to nothing about the campus dorms. Thanks in advance!

Adohi Hall is brand new and located near BWA and Bogle Park. Its name is a Cherokee word for “woods” and marks its location near the Trail of Tears. IIRC, the name also refers to the use of sustainable mass timber construction techniques.


All four of the Northwest Quad dorms (Gatewood, Clark, Harding and Morgan halls) are quite new and very nice. Also the three Maple Hill dorms.

Of course, there are other options atop the hill if being close to classrooms is an issue.

I didn’t realize there are 20 dorms at UA now. There were 10 when I was there.

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Swine, heard anything about Founders, positive or negative?

The Marshall is supposed to be nice. That’s where a lot of athletes live.

Good location, near Kimpel Hall and the business school. Double occupancy room with shared bathrooms, kinda old-style dorm layout.


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That’s an apartment complex right, not a dorm?

If $$ is no object, recommend the Quads. By the way, congratulations!!! Extremely happy for you and your family!
UA…campus of Champions

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Someone I know who just went through this process says Quads. But I’m long out of this process.

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I lived in Pomfret as a freshman and it was then the newest dorm on campus, and one of only two that had AC



My first two kids had the 4 person suite with a loft at Maple West. #3 was going to, but when Covid hit, they opted for an apartment as the university let freshman live off campus last year(2020) They were afraid the dorms would shut down and didn’t want to come home, lol. They stayed at the Atmosphere, similar to the Marshall.

I don’t know whether or not this is a consideration, but the newest (and nicest) dorms on campus are Founders, Maple Hill, Adohi and the Northwest Quad. The Quad is about 20 years old now. Maple Hill is probably 15 and the other two have been built within the last 10 years.

Most of the other dorms on campus are much older.

I lived in Pomfret my freshman year and got into some of the best shape of my life hiking up the hill multiple times per day. I know it has had a lot of work done in the past few years. When I lived there it was showing a lot of age.

All of the above replies are solid. Adohi is the newest but the downside is it’s got the worst commute to mid campus with the most elevation. Maple hill is popular ( and flatish)

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The advantage to living in Gregson, Gibson (all girls), Yocum, Humphreys and Founders is that they are all in the middle of campus. Unless you have a class in the poultry science building, you probably won’t have to walk more than about 5-7 minutes to your classes, and you won’t have to hike the hill. Those are also close to a big dining hall. It used to be named Brough; not sure what it is after his name was taken off. There are also food options inside Founders and the Union.

The Quad and Maple Hill are a relatively quick walk to the heart of campus. My wife lived in Maple Hill the year it opened and loved it.

Reid, another all-girls dorm, is near those two, but a bit farther away from things. Reid is an older dorm. Nearby Hotz is also older. The Quad has a cafeteria.

Pomfret, Adohi and Walton are at the bottom of the hill. There is a cafeteria inside Pomfret.

I’m not sure how much work has been done to Yocum and Humphreys. When I was in college, I think it was Humphreys that did not have air conditioning and was referred to by my friends who lived there as “Hump Dump.” Both of those dorms showed a lot of age then, but that has been almost 20 years ago.

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My last one up there is a senior this year. Almost done!!!

Quads are the way to go!

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Hotz is old as a building, but they spent millions a few years ago turning it back into a dorm after making it Offices back in 75. As noted it is a long walk from there to any classroom building over by Dickinson Street. At least the North Quad and the Poultry Center block that West wind that you used to have to endure walking up from Maple St.

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I lived one year at Hotz before transferring to UCA after my mom’s stroke. Long walk to class. I sprained an ankle playing hoops on the concrete court and went to class on crutches for one week (when I went.)

Fixed it for ya, Matt.:slightly_smiling_face:

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