OT-dinner saturday

we’ve never been to Herman’s but have heard good things. If we get in, what should we order?

seems they close early-will that be any problem with a 3pm start?

my wife wants to go to “the hive”, somewhere closer to bentonville, but I’m just really more of a fayetteville guy than bentonville guy. I need a little “seed”, bentonville is almost so clean that it makes me nervous, lol


I am a regular there, but not since the virus. Given that it is so small inside, not sure how many they can accommodate. They have an outside deck area and are setting up a tent connected to that. We order the baby backs for an appetizer (but you can have it as an entree as well), and then any of the steaks. The smoked prime rib is my favorite. You probably won’t have a problem getting there at 6 or 7pm since there aren’t going to be nearly that many more people in town as usual.

Carrie showed where they spaced out the tables on the inside & out. Might want to call and see if you can save a table.

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Herman’s has good ribs. However, when I was in school, I usually got a Watson’s Special or a Big ‘un. (Ground beef with Herman’s special tomato topping. Came in two sizes.)

Herman used to wear a shirt with “I’m Herman” sewn on the back. I recall a racehorse at Oaklawn named “I’m Herman” after him.

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I get the fillet. Can’t go wrong. My wife gets chicken medallions. Really good. I once just got the t-bone. But I can’t eat but about half of that steak.


Yes, Clay that t-bone is massive too. Looks more like a porterhouse. Back when I used to run more, I could throw down the t-bone, not now though.

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