OT Did Miami cancel its game with ASU?

I just heard Miami cancelled Saturday’s game because it didn’t want the team traveling in hurricane. I think it’s supposed to hit Florida sometime Friday. Can anyone confirm?

Yes, Miami canceled because of concerns traveling home. Arkansas State and the Sun Belt Conference offered to play the game on Friday, but Miami declined. Here are the details from the ADG:

http://www.arkansasonline.com/news/2017 … -irma-con/

I’m certainly no Arkansas State fan, but I hope Miami doesn’t pull a Michigan and buy their way out of re-scheduling that game. ASU foks had to be anticipating that game for quite a while now, and I hope they get to host Miami in the next year or two.

Miami weasled out of that game after many attempts to get out of the HOME and HOME contract. ASU held up their part of the bargain but Miami didn’t want to play this game and Florida State the following week. BUT… their south florida brethren are continuing to play their games. They have to evacuate somewhere and the game is away so it all comes down to worrying about your families. What about USF, FAU, FIU, and then teams in a little up the road UCF and UF- did their families mean less to them?