OT: Deer Hunting in NWA

My wife is buying me a deer rifle for Christmas and I want to find a place I can start scouting and preparing to hunt, preferable in NWA. I want to hunt outside the CWD zone.

I’ve not hunted in over 20 years. I’ve moved around too much and never settled in one place till I got back to NWA in 2014. After being out of NWA for so long, I don’t really know where to hunt. I used to hunt private land, but all those folks died or sold. I know about Whiterock, but no idea where to go there and much of it is in the CWD zone.

Any recommendations on places?

I could help you in central Arkansas. If you want a place to hunt. Just remember your not a spring chicken any more? Be smart about taking a shot at a deer late in the the day or you may spend half the night tracking it down with a light and a dog.
The bye week on the football schedule would be a perfect time to do a little looking here.
Your welcome to post a message on this board and I will help a hog fan hunt

Thanks, Army. I like that idea. Central Arkansas isnt that far and I would prefer an area where someone can talk to me about it. I don’t think i’ll be able to hunt this year, but I wouldn’t mind checking the area out some weekend. It would allow me to get the lay of the land.

I plan to hunt early instead of late. I am to fat, out of shape and lazy to be chasing a deer around in the dark!