OT: Danger on the river

Cristobal is going to test the flood management capabilities on the White and Norfork Rivers shortly.

Beaver, Table Rock, Bull Shoals and Norfork lakes are all full and the deluge is on.

I’m safe. I’m 400 feet above the Norfork River on a mountain ridge. I can’t afford river property and it would intimidate me anyway.

They may have to let a 30 foot wall of water out of these dams in next 3 days. Maybe not. Too early to say.

A 3.5 inch rain will make it real dicey. We’ve had 1.5 already in last 3 hours.

The Norfork is the one that I think is in worst shape. It is fed by the north fork of white that runs north and south from south of Lebanon, Mo, and the storm is tracking directly over the heart of that water shed. The damage will be what falls in Missouri.

Folks have been told to leave their homes in last half hour by the sheriff. Crazy times.

I have tons of friends with pretty river houses. They are extremely worried. I’m going to help one family now.

Glad you are safe, prayers for all in harm’s way.

Be careful Clay and hope your friends take authorities advise to evacuate if warranted. As you know flood waters are no joke, they can come quickly sometimes.

Prayers for those in danger. That is scary.

Y’all be careful. Remember: Turn around, don’t drown.

I’ve got a place on Greer’s Ferry, but like you, can’t afford lake front property. My place is way up from the lake. But I do wonder how high the lake will get. It is already high. This storm is going to add a lot of water.

Got that family out. My house is full of displaced river rats! They did what the authorities said and moved to higher ground.

We are headed to Greers Ferry today for the rest of the week. Wife rented a house on the lake on the southwest side. Hope it’s fine up there because we’ve rented a boat Thursday.
Hope everyone is safe up that way!

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We have a house rented starting Thursday between Wildcat and Rainbow resort. What are they predicting as far as flooding on the White River below Bull Shoals?

Still waiting for an official announcement. We should know sometime today. Right now six units are being generated.

Rainbowhog correct. We won’t know for a day or two what flows COE gives us. We may get big flows.

The tropical depression fell considerably short of the predicted rainfall in Norfork and Bull Shoals watersheds. Therefore, Bull Shoals will not spill water, (generation only) and Norfork’s total release, (spill & Generation) is only 10,500 CFS.

Plan for the worst and hope for the best. The best won this time.

Thanks for all you are doing for the citizens along the White and Norfork Rivers.

Corps of Engineers
Mountain Home Project Office


Yeah, I looked up the Corp’s lake info this morning after reading your OP, and didn’t think it was anywhere near as bad as forecasted. After farming some river ground in Law county for years, I’ve learned to look up what the rainfall north of me was, lol.

So far so good. We dodged a bullet in the last 24 hours. We have some dry weather forecast. I helped one family move to higher ground (my house) last night. None of us slept much. I had a day of Hawgs Illustrated work today and now I’m exhausted.

I am cooking some 4-inch double chops right now. Will have dinner and then crash.

Hey, Mike
I see you mentioned having a house rented on the White between Wildcat and Rainbow Resort, this Thursday. I live on Rainbow Landing Dr. just about a quarter mile from the resort. I was just wondering because there are two rentals on Rainbow landing Dr., just across from me.
One is Wooly Bugger and the other is a two story house right across the street. The owners live in Texas and just started renting it out.

No flooding. Heavy releases. I think fishing might be good. The bad stuff missed us. They gotta lower lakes and can make it big flows if lower White drops out a little. I figure it will be gradual increase over next 5-6 days but y’all may hit it right. I believe fishing been good in that area of the river.

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Clay-is your house the new one above the bridge coming into Norfork? I was there last week and noticed a new home on the ridge that I had never seen before.

No, my house is not on the highway. I’m on a gravel road above the river about the middle point of the catch and release on the Norfork. It’s tucked down a drive in the woods. You can’t see it unless you drive to it. It’s been here 14 years. I’ve owned it a little over two years. It does show up on Google Earth because you are looking straight down from a satellite. I’d give the address and you could see it from the satellite, but I’m afraid some of you knuckleheads would show up!

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I will come by your house and meet you. Thanks for the river report, looks like just 6 generators and beautiful weather.

I think I know where you are talking about. I am pretty familiar with that area.