OT: CWS camera

Is there a “portrait mode” in live video now? Some of the shots look more like a PlayStation game than a live ball game. The foreground players look like really good CGI and the background is blurred.

Maybe I’m just going crazy?

They are using a “B” Cam with a 35mm sensor and a cheap anamorphic knockoff lens/attachment from what I could tell from the specular highlights coming off the helmet. I think it’s likely a Sony or Canon stills/motion camera on a DJI style stabilizer rigged with wireless video out for the control room/prod truck. Broadcast cameras have 2/3rd’s inch sensors-16mm is the equivalent film comparison, easy to keep things in focus, great for sports broadcasting. The 35mm sensor size, when focused properly and iris wide open will you give very shallow depth of field which is a jarring/different look compared to the other cameras. Good eye.


No problem. I got a look at the operator and it was a 35mm stills/motion camera rigged on a DJI Ronin to a custom wireless “fly pack” in a backpack, works great for cutaways and B-Roll. Would have loved to see them have a better highspeed camera set up, but this has been a major step up from Super Regional Coverage.

Until the web cam was destroyed they had 2 ESPN broadcasts. ESPN 3 was the ump cam broadcast. It was cool seeing every pitch.

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