OT-curious about cell phone coverage around the state...................................

…I am equally mad at Verizon and AT&T and thinking about trying Sprint or others for my cell phone service. I travel for business so I need to use it driving from Little Rock to the four corners of the state. I think you can get free roaming so if Sprint doesn’t have a nearby tower you can roam on someone elses. I read something about you can’t use data as much on Sprint as you can on Verizon. Is that true?

So, if there are any Sprint or other non-AT&T/Verizon users who have good coverage and service, I sure would appreciate it if you could share your experience.

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Does your phone have wi-fi calling? If so, there are cars that have wi-fi in the car. Don’t know if that’s something that can be installed in your car if it doesn’t, or even how it works, but that could be an answer? My Galaxy S9 has wi-fi calling, but my previous phones did not. It may be that when you drive through mountainous, or desolate areas, there may be no answer.

Why upset w Verizon? Reason I ask is because I would like to have nothing to do w Att I just canceled uverse, internet and home phone w them. They have the absolute worst customer service, plus they lie. I still have mobile w them and have no problems w them in that regard, but just have a bad taste in general for att.

So who will you use for home phone/internet? Same or better price?

Verizon’s network is more extensive than Sprint. They do both use CDMA phones, so if you have Verizon now, it would be much easier to switch to Sprint. Basically what happens is if you’re out of range of a Sprint tower, you’re going to be on a Verizon tower. But Arkansas being what it is, rural and mountainous, there are gonna be places where you don’t have a signal from anyone (hint: It’s like that everywhere. I drove from Fayetteville NC to Wilmington NC Sunday and my call en route was dropped because I wasn’t in range of anyone’s tower out in the boondocks).

AT&T’s network is pretty close to Verizon’s; the reason I dumped AT&T 15 years ago is I didn’t even get good signal at my home in the Houston suburbs, much less out in the sticks. I’d get one bar or none of signal and dropped a lot of calls, which wasn’t good when I was on call for my doctor.

It’s not cost-effective for any of the carriers to completely carpet rural areas so that there are zero dead spots, so no one does it. But as my experience with AT&T showed, they miss some places even in populated areas.

Long sad story. I have three lines on my business cell phone plan. I was using AT&T. One line is my daughter’s and she moved to Asheville, NC. No AT&T reception at her house and she lives in the Asheville city limits. Her friends have Verizon and get great reception all over. I look to switch to Verizon. They offer $148 per month after fees & taxes. Told them not good enough. Rep comes back with $117 per month. So, we switch. First month’s bill is $148 per month. Rep keeps saying she will get it fixed and does give me credits to get it down to $117. After three months of this, she no longer works there and bill is still $148. So, I pitch fits all the way up the ladder, every month its wrong and every month they finally fix it. Got the bill today and it is $148 again. I told my daughter to get her own plan in Asheville because we are through with Verizon. If Sprint has unlimited roaming for free, I may try them if I can get some positive reviews from Sprint users.

AT&T installed fiber in our neighborhood and we got the 1TB speed internet for $100/month with unlimited data. Toast.net came along and they offered it for $85 so we switched to them. I have moved my office to my home, use a cloud backup system, and need the high speed and unlimited data to totally back up my 4GB hard drives overnight. Since the business pays for the internet, I get to use it for free in the rest of the house for streaming and other internet stuff.

You just gave me exactly what I was looking for. As long as I am not charged roaming fees when the Sprint phone is using a Verizon tower, I am good to go with Sprint.

I didn’t say there weren’t roaming fees. I don’t know enough how Sprint operates; they may charge you for using Verizon towers. I know my Verizon plan doesn’t have roaming fees (including overseas, which I need to remove because I haven’t been anywhere in three years).

I am currently at home with no service. I have Century Link for my WIFI. It’s maddening. I can email to my heart’s content. I may be able to text. But I can’t call or receive.

I do have a land line. Who thought I’d be in a situation where the land line is once again important but it is.

Verizon has lost a tower in my area. I think a storm just zapped it.

Xfinity for now

A lot of the cable providers are offering mobile service now. Spectrum in my area (used to be Time Warner and Charter before they merged) is all over me for that. I have my internet with Spectrum. Whose towers they use, I have no idea. (I just looked; they partner with Verizon). Usually they’ll cut you a deal to bundle phone with cable/internet because they want to make it more difficult for you to drop them.

Att offered me fiber for free to appease me. Installed it on a Saturday morning. Left at 12:30. Worked until 2:30. Went out and we had no tv, internet, WiFi, home phone for 6 days. Livid doesn’t come close. Plus we didn’t get nbc then cbs because of contract dispute. I’m not a fan of all these legal commercials on tv , but if someone advertised a class action against att I would sign up in a heartbeat.

Don’t you have “WIFI calling” option on your cell phone? I think I remember you said you had an I-Phone. Just go to settings>cellular>WI-FI calling, then toggle “on”.

Agree 100%