OT-- CRAZY------Phil Mikelson's walk up 18 Yesterday

When it happened, I told my wife that I saw a guy in an orange shirt trying to take a Selfie with Phil briefly in the crush of humanity after the chip. We didn’t go back looking for it until well after all of the trophy presentations and I could not find it. She thought I was crazy. There he is in your video! Thanks. That guy was a complete idiot and I bet security marched him right out of the course.

I watched that yesterday, and could not believe what I was watching. they were all completely at the mercy of that crowd, and that could have gotten ugly in a hurry.

and how in the heck did Phil stay focused with that madhouse all around him? I’ve never seen anything like it. 2 stroke lead with a difficult approach shot, and basically an English soccer crowd going crazy all around him.

did you see Koepka’s interview-he was not happy at all. he has a bad knee and was repeatedly bumped on that fairway, by that madhouse crowd. and they still had important shots to take!


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It was Awesome but should never be allowed! Too many idiots out there nowdays to put Athletes in Sea of humanity like that.

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Brooks has every right to be hot. Tournament was not over. He makes and it changes the nerves on first putt for Phil.

I was pulling for Phil, but impressed with Brooks, too.

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They were way short on security. Hopefully lesson learned. Brooks has a right to be upset with the spectators and PGA leaders.

Great moment in golf. I watched live when Jack won the Masters at 46 and yesterday Phil winning the PGA at 50.

I was there…

… on Monday.

Followed Phil, Zach Johnson, Will Zalatoris and Ryder Cup Captain Steve Stricker for a few holes. Got to think Phil went from not even being considered, to now a favorite to be a Captain’s Pick.

Have you ever played there?

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Most PGA champs make the Ryder Cup team. It’s a PGA of Amercia event. He needs to string together a few more tournaments where he looks good. A few top 20s and he’s in. It’s double points the rest of the summer.

He’s 16th on points now. So he can easily make it – if he plays well for a few more weeks.

As popular as Phil is right now, I’d say Stricker would be the ultimate bad guy (as viewed by fans) if he didn’t pick him if he was say 14 to 16.

Would I pick him? Heck yes.

I don’t know if Phil likes Whistling Straits or not, but it’s a dune type course with wind most of the time. I think the way Phil can work the ball would be important there.

Some of the guys on PGA Tour live were talking about what they perceived as an advantage this week – the wind. They said Phil will have to think about shaping shots and flighting the ball. That’s creativity, what he does best. And, he’s still got that wonderful feel around the greens.

His stats don’t indicate he drove it well this week, but all of the observers said he put it in the right place all week – sometimes in the rough, but on the correct side to go for pins.

The thing that is crazy is that he’s using one of the least forgiving putters you will see on Tour. He doesn’t care. It seems to be working for him just enough.

Clay, I understand that Phil’s putter is not just old-school, it’s ancient-school. But what do you mean by forgiveness in a putter? Not sure I follow.

Toe and heel balance. Face softness. Check out Scotty Cameron or Odyssey. The hit out of the center of new putters has solid balance. Head won’t turn. All you have to do is try them. You will know. When you mishit the new ones, you still get consistent solid rolls. The long putts are much easier to get consistent roll.

I did not understand until I tried them. The technology in putting is outstanding. Old school is probably not real smart.

The irony is that Phil made fun of Tiger for playing golf balls that were behind in technology a few years ago.

OK, now I get it - thanks. Maybe he decided it wasn’t broke to begin it, so why fix it.

Good grief no. Haha. My game wouldn’t have much fun there. Neither at Harbourtown, another event I’ve gone to many times. Waaaaaay too narrow.

Links at Stono Ferry, Charleston National or Patriots Point is more my speed.

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Phil has used several different putters in his career, but primarily the blade from Odyessy that looks like the old Wilson 8802 that Arnold Palmer and many pros used in the 60’s and 70’s. The sweet spot is very small, but the feel of that putter is incredible.

How many guys 50 years old can hit a drive 366 yards in a major? That long, fluid swing of his has helped a great deal in the longevity of his career. Sam Snead played really well in his 60’s on the PGA tour with a long flowing swing like Phil, but Sam was an incredible athlete. He could, at an older age, kick the top of a door jamb with with his foot. Now that is some flexibility. Sam may have had the greatest golf swing of all time.

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I played in a best ball at Patriots Points several years ago. Only thing I remember about that day is my wife walking up on a snake in the rough and coming out running. We love Charleston.

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Pretty sweet views of the harbor. You used to be able to play for free on your birthday. I think that’s no longer the case

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I played Ocean Course about three years ago when my family went with me to a continuing medical education conference that summer. It was the hardest gold course I’ve ever played. Hilton Head/Harbor Town is easy compared to Ocean course. That wind wore me out. My highlight was birdies on both front 9 par threes. I mustered up two fantastic shots against that wind…it switched on us and actually helped me. Got rained out with a thunderstorm that afternoon so only got to hole 14, which was fine because we got rain checks and used them to eat in their bar/grill at sundown. My boys still talk about those two birdies bc we otherwise struggled that afternoon. I was ready to go back to Charleston and eat to some of their nice restaurants after that round.

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Like Snead, Mickelson also has maintained great flexibility. Big reason he can still be competitive at his age.

Very fortunate no one (including the golfers) got trampled in that mob scene. They were at least a couple hundred volunteers and/or security short on 18. Hopefully someone learned a lesson. Almost an expensive lesson like the guy who didn’t inspect the i40 bridge.