OT: Crappie fry coming up

Not sure when but I’m ready. Lake Norfork was kind to me last week. We caught two limits of slabs. Should be good eating. Sometimes I fish for sport. This was serious business. Going for meat. We used fly rod with our hand tied jigs and lobbed them from 35-40 feet. Get any closer and the big ones were gone.


Very hard to beat Sac-a-lait! They freeze well, but fresh…oh my.

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I love crappie!


Crappie and walleye are the best.

Don’t disagree. Love walleye too but obviously you don’t eat much pond raised catfish. They’re just as good.

I should have included catfish but that was an oversight. Crappie and Walleye are best in this spring cold water and catfish is just fine in any temp water.

I missed a crappie(fresh) fry Friday night because wife was sick. Bummer #2 this weekend after Old Waverly trip postponed. My daughter in law’s parents have been catching them in small lakes off Ouachita River near ARK/LA state line.

I agree with others…Crappie is the best with homemade Cajun hush puppies

There is a very good chance I have eaten more pond raised catfish than anyone on this site…but crappie is still my favorite!

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On the day Clay , or HI, hosts a crappie/walleye/catfish fry day, I wonder who-along with Jan and me, would travel over just to dine finely and meet everyone else?

I still have my WebHog “Tuschawg” t-shirt to wear there v

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I’m not sharing. I would come closer to making apple pancakes for all than sharing these prized crappie filets.

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Love catching slabs on a fly rod. Yummy Clay…

Mighty good eating coming up.

Don’t blame you Clay! Those filets are GOLD in my book! I even like ‘‘em left over the next day as a sandwich! But homemade hush puppies hot out of the fryer is the best…gotta have the proper ratio of pepper to sweet sugar in the hush puppies meal to pair with with fish—perfect!

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I hate to tell you about my hushpuppies HogDoc - with whole kernal corn, diced jalapeno, purple onion and…crabmeat


That sounds good enough to make it the meal.

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