OT: Cox cable/internet

Anyone on here work there? My son just moved apartments in NWA. He is now sitting in his new apartment for the FOURTH straight day waiting for the installer to show up. First, he talked to them weeks ahead of the move and they told him (since he had their service already, had equipment) that all had to do was text a certain number on the day he moved (Sunday) and the service at the new apartment would be activated. That didn’t work after all. Turns out they have to come do an “install” at the new place (then why tell him otherwise?) So, he doesn’t have service Sunday, but that is OK, they schedule a hook up for Monday. Monday, no show, no call, nothing. He calls in, they reschedule for Tuesday, no show. He goes down to the Cox office. No apologizes. No reason given, just rescheduled for Wednesday. Wednesday, no show, but at least called about noon and said would be there (1 and half hours late) in five minutes. No show. (How do you say you will be there in 5 minutes and just no show?) Called from different guy late Wednesday, said he had just been given the assignment, was scheduled to be there at 3:30 (the actual schedule time was (9:00 to 11:00 am, but anyway) but that he was an hour and a half away, couldn’t be there by 3:30. Promised to be there first thing today. Today, no show (so far).

I know cable companies are notorious for bad customer services, but good Lord.

Son can’t go to work, can’t even go to his old apartment to move the last stuff out because he is waiting on Cox. Unreal.

I had Cox Cable for many years and was really impressed with everything including service. Left them because of price a year ago, but it seems their service had slipped some. There is a new service recently installed in NWA to compete with them but for the life of me I can’t remember their name. They laid the fiber optic line last summer in my neighborhood.

This is why I will never be their customer again. I’ve had the same xrapoy service in multiple cities across the US.

Good luck. The only thing I’ve found that works is either taking business elsewhere or perseverance

I’ve had Cox internet service for 10 years and always thought the customer service was fine. If I’m not mistaken, Cox subcontracts installation work, so your gripe might be more with that company than with Cox.

You’re probably thinking of Ozarks Electric. They haven’t made it to my neighborhood yet, but once they do I’ll make the switch.

Even moreso it is their responsibility. They contract the company and thus it is an extension of their brand.