OT - country of Serbia

Country of Serbia with a population of 7 million, now has the current top player in basketball, Nikola Jokic and top player in tennis for the last decade, Novak Djokovic. The two sports I love the most.

Amazing given how this country was torn apart by wars caused by split of Yougoslavia.

I have spent some time in Belgrade, Serbia. It’s an interesting place.

Always wanted to go there. Have been to Prague. Always thought Belgrade could be like Prague.

I would say Prague and Budapest by a country mile. Dubrovnik is a very beautiful coastal city and was way cheaper than most any European resort before Game of Thrones. With the pall of fear over the virus and the mass immigration issues, any trip to Europe is off the table for us at this time.

I have been to Prague multiple times. It is a beautiful city but very crowded with tourists during my visits. Belgrade is not as beautiful and it is not really a tourist destination. I was there on business and found the people I met and the overall character of the city very interesting. I would gladly spend more time there. My stay at Hotel Moskva was a unique experience.

Agree with you. I was there during the tourist season as well. But seems like tourist follow me wherever I go on a business trip,

I learned they take their coffee seriously in much of Europe, I loved it but they really are stingy with those children’s tea cup sized thingies.

But I found that in countries where they serve tea or coffee in small cups, it is very very strong. Was that it where you traveled? I found Cyprus to be the strongest, I had trouble falling asleep that night,

The strongest was in Kosovo. It was fabulous. My son had traveled several times to Greece and he said it was even stronger there. We are all coffeeholics.

Yes, Cyprus is the Greece influence. I remember Athens had equally strong coffee.

Arabic or Turkish coffee will make your hair stand up.
Eastern Europeans make theirs similar and strong also.


I became such a fan that I now always add a shot of espresso to my Chai Vanilla Bean Frappuccino, my favorite. I wish I liked it less, it has a ton of calories.