OT: Cord Cutting

Wow…I thought I was paying mucho…111 mth to Dish but no movie channels. Dish dropped HBO in a dispute, I stream it now. But to a different co I pay another 100 for internet. You must have every movie channel available.:sunglasses:

So what is everybody’s DVR solution? For Football, w the Playoffs and World Series coming up, gotta have a DVR, I watch multiple games on my time schedule and NO commercials. Gotta have the slo mo replay baby! :sunglasses:

No, I only got HBO because I have AT&T cell phones (supposed to be free). Most of that price is my internet provider. As I said, there are only three here, and only one works decent (we don’t even have the Dish option here. With 25mps being the fastest.

It definitely sucks. Keep getting told a tower is being built that is supposed to help, but they’ve been saying that for about 4 years

I don’t know about slow mo replay, but “DRV” with YouTube TV is unlimited. I haven’t tried it yet, but I think I can record unlimited things at the same time. Not 100% sure on that, someone who has been using it can verify that, but I do know there is not space limits. It is all on the cloud, not a physical machine.

Check on that…keep us updated when you watch some recorded games.

As someone else mentioned, YoutubeTV has an unlimited DVR. It dumps recorded shows after 9 months but that works for almost everything I record. In fact, I record everything that I regularly watch. Only when you are recording it can you back up, freeze it while you go to the bathroom, etc. There are some of my favorite channels that YoutubeTV does not have (History, DIY, HGTV, Food Network, etc.) so I add Philo ($20/mo) to YoutubeTV ($50/mo) for about a $70 bill that has way more channels that I like to watch than the 220 Channel DirectTV package that I paid twice as much for and that was mostly channels trying to sell stuff to make DirectTV more money. There is a learning curve to get through but I am very happy with cutting the cord now that I know how to operate my Roku (free) channels, YoutubeTV, and Philo. And I no longer lose the TV when it rains. I can’t believe that I put up with that for so many years and, everytime I ran into a DirectTV salesperson at Sams, etc. everyone of them denied that EVER happened and insisted I must have a bad installation. When I started telling them in a loud voice how every relative and friend I knew (all over the country) who also had DirectTV must have had the same installer, they moved on to other customers. I kind of miss those days.

I am going to check out Philo. So far our plan was to add Frndly TV to get the Hallmark channels It is only 6 dollars a month. But I am still without a few channels. Nothing critical. .

Here is the best comparison chart that I have found. You can go down to Hallmark and see which services include it in their package. Hallmark is one of those channels that Philo provides for us.

[https://www.cordcuttersnews.com/playstation-vue-vs-philo-vs-fubotv-vs-hulu-vs-sling-tv-vs-youtube-tv-vs-watch-tv-vs-att-tv-now-updated-september-2019/](http://Comparison Chart)

YouTube TV added Food Network and HGTV back in the spring.

Greg, you will not be disappointed. I did just what you did after x-mas. I said I’m going to get this youtube tv on a trial run and see what I think. I cancelled COX a week later and never looked back. I’m still learning but there’s a lot you can do with it. I have Cox internet, Youtube TV, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Watch ATT TV that is free with unlimited data on phones. It also comes with a free premium. I’ve got all I want. I don’t have NFL network, so working on that, but I’ve got the rest. YoutubeTV gives you all 4 networks. No other streaming service offers that. I have Roku’s. $40/piece. Greg, what’s awesome is if you travel, take your Roku with. I spent a week in Colorado this spring break. Took my Roku, it was just like home every night before bed. You’ll like it.

Greg, you can stream the alt channel with the app, I believe. You won’t use the channel in the guide. You’ll add the app. that’s what I did in the spring for the hogs baseball. Same thing when it’s on ESPN3. Use the app. You’ll have it all. I have 300 meg internet

I forgot earlier the one drawback to Hulu that I have found. It only allows you to login from outside your zip code a limited number of times. We took our Roku on some trips with us and logged into our Hulu account, and on one trip we were told we had reached the maximum number of logins. We were locked out until we got customer service to override the account.

This is a good thread that Matt started a few years ago. I continue to hold fast to the idea that HULU LIVE is the way to go.

I got to have History. I am addicted to Forged in Fire and The Vikings.

Hulu has History, A&E, etc. which are not on YouTube TV. I’m thinking about switching to Hulu for those channels and because I can use my Fire Stick to view Hulu (YouTube will not work on the Fire Stick).

Help. I’m a complete dinosaur. I don’t know Roku from FireStick from mps. All I want to do is watch my beloved Hogs on my computer with my reasonably fast ATT internet here in Little Rock. I don’t care about other teams and channels.

Is there a way to get the SEC networks through Hulu or YouTubeTV? Some other streaming source? Excuse my ignorance.

You can watch the SEC network and all of the other ESPN networks (well, not the Longhorn net) on either Hulu Live or on YouTube TV.

Roku and Fire Stick are just ways to watch that content on your TV. Both are pretty easy to install and I have found them easy to use.

Bless you! Thanks so much for making it easy for me.

Slowbob must be the contractor. :slightly_smiling_face:

There is a link up above in my earlier post to a chart that shows all of the major streaming options and which channels are on which ones. SEC Network is on there. Just scroll down.