OT: Cooking steak

Trying out my Christmas present, my Anova french water cooker. Having steaks from Richard’s Meat Shop. I’m told I can’t go wrong. Will sear them on grill in 44 minutes.

This follows a day on the Little Red River with my pastor friend Sam Hannon. I did catch one nice brown trout. Our numbers were not great, but it was still a day on the river and that’s not bad. Wind messed with us but I found a spot under a bluff to help out a little.


Sous vide I assume? Yes, I’ve been wanting to do that. Don’t yet have the equipment. Do you vacuum seal the meat on your own or buy it pre sealed?

What the heck is that? We are on Toledo Bend and it’s cold here, has to be very cold up there

My father-in-law received a lot of Sous-vide accessories for Christmas. He moonlights as a gourmet chef. I’m looking forward to trying it out.

I’ll cook steaks on our gas grill tomorrow night to celebrate New Year’s Eve. That is what my wife wanted for Christmas.

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Our Christmas Eve family dinner was thick Angus Ribeye steaks seared on the gas grill.

Everyone was happy…

Same here Clay. Got the Anova Nano. Headed to Richard’s tomorrow for filet’s.

Sous vide to 128* then on gas grill for 2 minutes per side.

Fingers crossed.

For Christmas dinner, my son-in-law cooked a beef tenderloin with his sous vide machine and then seared it on his griddle. It was very tender, but a little strange in texture, color, and flavor. Very red interior color but not really rare, just kind of wierd. Maybe my taste buds need to get educated so I can appreciate it, but there was flavor missing that happens when fat drips, smoke wraps the meat, a good char gets established, etc. I can eat anything but I do love a good steak. My jury is still out on this sous vide thing.

I guess I’m just an old fart stuck in his ways. I’ve not found anything that can beat my old cast iron. People bitch about always having to keep it seasoned and how to clean em, but once your use to it, its really no big deal. And my Cast Iron works anywhere… on the stove, in the oven, in the woods, at the beech, etc. Trusty and dependable.


I’ll stick with waving my steaks over the fire a couple of times and calling it good. :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t trust people who say they love steaks and don’t cook with a wood coal fire. (Just kidding) Tulsa has seen a surge in exceptional restaurants with a wood-fire kitchen. I’ve been to three and set up reservations at the “cook’s table” so I could watch them prep and plate. It also puts me at “ground zero” for the aroma.

There was a day that I would brave a 15MPH wind and temperatures in the 40s to go fishing. That day is not TOday and it wasn’t YESTERday. Even for trout, it takes getting my ailing Dad in the boat with me to endure temperatures colder than the water temperature (his health prevents wading, which doesn’t sound like fun unless it is north of 90 degrees…although I need to try it sometime). But, hooking a nice Brown…that is tempting.

Speaking of wood-fire cooking and trout…that is a fine combination, too.

I’ve had mixed results with sous vide. If you get it right, it’s the most tender melt in your mouth steak you’d ever want. Had best luck with flat iron steak, I believe at 130 degrees for two and a half
to three hours. Just left it in the vacuum seal it came in. Then sear in a cast iron skillet. One minute per side, turning every 30 seconds. Baste in butter for the last minute. Don’t forget to pat dry with a paper towel before the sear.

I bought the Instant Pot sous vide machine. I saw too many reviews where people had trouble with the Anova app. Joule, the other popular sous vide device can only be run on a smart phone. The Instant Pot one doesn’t have to be smart, just push a few buttons and go. The battery on my smart phone just today bit the dust, so not having to depend on it being up is a good thing.

BTW, a new device has come out now that does away with the need for the water bath. Called a Cinder grill. Much quicker and easier–but pretty pricey. If interested search YouTube for a Shawn Baker video and there is a $50 discount in the description.

Success. I cooked 3 filets with sous vide. Started a ribeye on grill. Finished them together. Three fishermen each got a filet. Then we cut the ribeye in 3 strips. So we did a taste test. We liked every bite of both. Win win.

The thing about the sous vide, you can’t burn or mess it up.

I am pretty good with my grill. I have a gas grill that is great.

But my real ace in the hole is my PK Grill. That stands for Portable Kitchen. It is a charcoal grill that is perfect for searing and then off heat finishing.

Grape Jelly ?

The grape jelly trick is awesome. Not today.

By the way, it was 46 with 15 mph wind today. Bitter cold in the shade. Had to want it to fish today.

Where do you go? I am in the Tulsa area. I usually eat steak at the Spudder. Friend of mine is the owner.

The PK is one awesome steak cooking machine. I’ve got one from the late 70s my grandfather found at a garage sale. He actually picked up 2 of them for $5 each. Last year, I bought the PK360 and have one of the same at my cabin near Erbie.

I cook a lot of wings on my original.

You can still find PK Grills from 40 years ago in yard sales. Generally no one knows what they have or they would not be for sale. They are great cookers. And they are - as the name implies - portable. They break down and travel with ease.

The shape allows direct heat and indirect heat and proper air flow. They grill and also you can set up vent configuration to make a great smoker.

I also have two Weber “bullet” smokers that do a great job. They are called Smokey Mountain Cookers. Competition BBQ champs swear by them. I cook with the 18 inch model. They also have a 14 and a 22.

Tell me more about using grape jelly with cooking steaks

That’s my hobby - smoking meat. In addition to the PKs I referenced, I also have a Lang patio model, a Traeger pellet smoker, and a trailer smoker that can hold up to 40 pork butts. My stick burners are my favorites. The Traeger is new so I’m playing around with it still. Did a great chuck roast on it for Christmas.

Clay may remember Jamil’s (I44). Lebanese owners, so you get complimentary Lebanese hors d’oeuveres complimentary with every meal (cabbage rolls, tabouli, etc). Took a friend from SE LA there and he said it was the best steak he had been served.

Phryme (downtown) is considered the go-to steak place now. I only know of it through my brother-in-law who swears by it.

Amelia’s (downtown) is a wood-fire grill kitchen but no one in my group has ever had a steak there. It is 5-star rated. Smoke (15th/Cherry Street and in Owasso) is amazing. In addition to several good steaks they do a “grilled ceasar salad” where the lettuce is wilted over the fire, giving it a nice smoky flavor.

My wife claims her steak at Lowood’s (brand new, downtown also, east side) was the finest she had ever tasted. Lowood’s was rated the top new restaurant in Tulsa and got 5-star ratings across the board.They have a proscuitto slicer that carves up the meat so thin you can see through it (it is used in pasta dishes and in a decadent appetizer).

All mentioned cook over coals or wood. They are artsy - only Jamil’s has a baked potato as a side (drives my steak-loving father insane). My son says Smoke is better than the Hereford House in KCMO, and my wife likes Lowood’s better than Level Two in Branson (their steaks don’t impress me because it isn’t wood/coal grilled, but other options are solidly 4-star).

If you like Italian…visit Prossimo on 15th/Cherry Street. Its new, part of the Andolini’s restaurant group (best upscale pizza, and I’ve tried many, including those recommended in NWA). Prossimo prepares its fettucino alfredo tableside - a parmesan cheese wheel is brought to your table on a cart. A “wallow” is either created or already exists, and is filled with brandy and then set on fire. Cheese is scraped into the flame to cook and acquire the brandy flavoring. When the fire can no longer sustain itself (no alcohol left) the cheese sauce is ready and is ladled over fresh cooked pasta. Amazing, and really cool. They also make mozzarella table side as an appetizer…I’ve not seen it to report on it.

Now I’m hungry and its several hours before any place opens for lunch.