OT: College diversity scores

An outfit called priceonomics.com has done diversity analysis of the top 100 universities in the US according to US News and World Report, and also the 100 largest US universities. UA does not make the US News top 100 (yet) but it does make the 100 largest list. They analyzed student bodies and came up with a number they call HHI. If a school was completely white, its HHI would be 1.0. A school that has equal numbers of students from five different racial/ethnic groups would have an HHI of 0.2.

So UA’s HHI score is .633 (remember that a lower score means more diversity). Several other SEC schools are clustered around that number. LSU is .59. SoCar is .611. UK is .62. Bama is .636. Mizzou is .651. Tennessee is .661. And Auburn is the least diverse school in the 100 largest schools at .737. Florida is the most diverse SEC school at .395; Vandy is at .409.

Any athletic significance to these? I suppose they could affect recruiting, showing black athletes that Auburn is not a very diverse place (although it pays rather well).

<LINK_TEXT text=“http://priceonomics.com/ranking-the-mos … lleges-in/”>http://priceonomics.com/ranking-the-most-and-least-diverse-colleges-in/</LINK_TEXT>

True. They do have a liberal pay scale.They don’t worry too
much about coaching ethics and they are known to
look the other way on many misdemeanors and other infractions.
They seem proud of their reputation as a ‘win at any cost’ program.

Yea Aubie would have ranked about .250, if payscale and leniency in the legal dept was factored into the process.