OT: clinic time

Messi is putting on a clinic in this World Cup. Mbappe is super human with athletic ability. But Messi still has the quickness and skill. It could be a fun finale if both make it through.

I don’t like this about soccer. Argentina had a breakaway shot at the goal and the guy was fouled. The guy that was fouled trying to score did not get to free kick for the goal…it was Messi. The other guy did he work and Messi got the glory.

The idea is the team gets to pick it’s best shooter. I like that better than basketball when the other team gets to pick a shooter after injuring the other team’s best player.

Soccer is a beautiful game. It takes awhile to get the nuances and come to love it. Some never get there. No issue or problem there for me.

My father did not get soccer. He watched his grand daughter play only once. Left at halftime (chemo sickness got him in the heat) with a 0-0 score. He was dumbfounded to find out it turned into a scoring fest and our team won, 4-3.

There was offensive spurts in the first half but good play by the goalkeepers.

My father did appreciate the way Sarah handled one of the best players in Texas for a half. Sarah played left back as a senior in high school for her club team. You generally get the other team’s best striker.

If you watch your daughter play soccer for almost 20 years, you learn the game and the nuances. If you don’t, stuff like what you mention might bother you.

Clearly, it’s not a worry for most. I rejoiced that I was about to see the best take that penalty. His ability to put that ball in the top crease of the back of the net is unbelievable.

Don’t foul in the box if you want to keep Messi off the penalty spot. It’s that simple.

The player who got fouled probably wanted Messi to take the penalty. Many do not want that pressure.

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I actually prefer it this way to basketball’s rule of the offended player getting the shot. If a team fouls, I want my best player to punish them for it.

This isn’t unique to just penalty kicks. Any foul on the pitch can have the first touch taken by the player of team’s choosing.

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I was writing the same thing. We are on the same page!

You may remember the movie “Bend It Like Beckham”; don’t think I saw it but I remember the title and the premise. It was about two British girls chasing their dreams of professional soccer who wind up getting scholarships to play soccer for Santa Clara.

The Beckham in the title is, of course, David Beckham, who took all the free kicks for Manchester United in his heyday. And he could absolutely punish teams for fouling in dangerous positions.

Such as this one that qualified England for the 2010 World Cup:

I have enjoyed watching the World Cup tournament. One of the best things about soccer is the time it takes to play the game—90 minutes.,short and sweet… it goes fast.

There have actually been complaints that matches in this World Cup has been taking TOO long. FIFA gave the refs a directive that they want to have 90 minutes of play, so they’ve been extending the halves by 9 minutes or more to get that 90 minutes. In English Premier League games, it’s seldom more than 5 minutes, unless there’s an injury that takes extensive treatment on the field, or a whole lot of VAR.

And of course, in NCAA soccer the clock is stopped for goals, injuries, yellow cards, time wasting and a few other things, with the idea being to get 90 minutes of action as well. FIFA would have to completely change the rules to permit that in professional play, but it would be an alternative to adding on 10 extra minutes at the end.

Just 5 today. I wonder if it’s 3-0 they forget the directive or there were no injuries?

I didn’t watch the match today. VAR also enters into the extended extra time.

I don’t recall there being any VAR stops. There was one possible hand ball but the arm was locked to the side. That prob was reviewed as Argentina took time for a corner. It was not a hand ball in my opinion and I bet there was a quick look.

I have not watched 1 sec. of World cup Live,have seen the Sports center highlights.They are some tremendous Athletes out there.

Among other things, top level soccer players run up to 10 miles a game, and it’s not just a jog; there’s a lot of sprinting in there. Even the goalkeepers cover 2 miles or more. Midfielders tend to cover the greatest distance.

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Yeah just incredible shape they have to be in to play on that big of field running Non-Stop…

Not to mention the running isn’t just vertical straight out running. Lots of side stepping and dribbling the ball, drills that most track and field athletes do nowadays. If I tried to play, it wouldn’t be pretty. I would trip all over myself and spend most of the time on my ass.

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I asked Sarah why she gave up hoops in 10th grade to spend all of her time on soccer. She was a good shooting guard and an even better point guard. The hoops and soccer season overlapped. She was making that work as a 10th grader but the hoops coach was beginning to put pressure on her about summer camps when she would be with Olympic Development Program soccer.

Ultimately, Sarah just liked soccer. She said it was “a blank canvas and basketball was not.” I have not heard anyone ever make that comparison but I thought it was time for the soccer to ramp up.

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Spectacular athleticism on display. Not much fat on those players.

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I obviously don’t know anything about soccer. I always thought if I was out there coaching when the ball got across midfield I would tell them to all run to the goal! Course I know these guys can kick it over the top of them but that’d be the only way it would get in there LOL.

LOL. I coached 7 year olds in soccer about 25 years ago and that’s exactly what they did. A cluster of bees around the ball, I used to call it, moving up and down the field. I didn’t figure there was any point in telling some of the bees to stay back and protect the hive. But it did make it easy if one kid had enough skill and speed to break out of the cluster with the ball. I had one kid like that, but he didn’t break out enough. We finished 5-5 on the season, but we did give the league champion their only defeat. The highlight of my coaching career!

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Jeff, that’s about age Sarah started. She was lucky. It was a school team in a Tulsa rec league. She had a classmate with a dad who played soccer at Duke, a law professor at Tulsa.

He took those girls and made them play positions and flipped the field at halftime. Most practices they had to dribble with off foot. Sarah got good with both feet. He made them look up when they dribbled so they could see to pass.

Amazing what he did with those girls. They won the city two or three years in about five before about six were taken in club programs at 12.

They would win games 15-0 routinely. Sometimes we played keep away. Dribbled it out of opposing box.

If he liked the other coach and thought he treated his girls right and played fair (and did not yell at his players), he’d hold score down and it would be 6-0. If not it would be brutal.