OT: Clear from the doctor

I had a good visit to the surgeon’s office on Thursday. His nurse gave me clearance after seeing my wound closed. There are still some instructions going forward on how to care for the wound. It’s closed, but it still needs more healing. If I’m at home, I do not need to protect it with a bandaid. If I head away from home where I might abuse it (like driving my truck where it will chaff against the seat), then I need to protect it. I’m to take care of it with vitamin E oil so that the scar tissue continues to heal, develop, or whatever it does!

It’s been a difficult two months. I know I’ve felt a lot of good vibes from folks here and they are appreciated. Prayer makes a difference. Good thoughts make a difference. I was down during the first month after surgery because I couldn’t see much progress. The surgeon told me the size of the wound and the nature of secondary wound care that it would be a two-month process. He was almost exactly right to the day.

We are glad you are just about healed. Having faith in God makes an injury or illness much easier to handle and to recover from. It’s nice to have someone with you during a very difficult time.

Good news, it sounds like it was tough and I hope there is never any future problem.

Good to hear Clay. I agree with jhawg, faith in God, good doctors and a wife that has your back makes recovery much easier.

I’m thinking a cast or two is now in order.

Glad to hear it Clay, I know it’s been a long 2 months for you.
You take instructions well from the Doc & Wife.

A recovery from a illness is priceless, glad to here your doing well. WPS

Following doctor’s orders should lead to a good result, and I’m glad that it did for you. It’s good to hear that you are nearly healed.