OT - Circle of life

My brother in law has had season tickets to Baum for years. He hardly ever missed a game and I’ve had many fun days there with him there over the years. He coached baseball (including American Legend) in Pine Bluff for decades. He loves the game and he loves the Hogs. He was a regular at the Swatters Club for years. He is now in his 80’s and because of health has moved from his home in Farmington to Hot Springs to be near his son. My niece (his daughter) lost her battle with breast cancer Mothers Day 2019 and none of us have been the same since. His passion was Hog baseball. His days at Baum are over. I grieve for him and almost dread opening day. Wendell is one of the best men I’ve ever know. Clay has shared lunch with me and him a couple of times. We typically talk after every Hog baseball, football and basketball game. My niece Donna did that with him when she was alive. I’m a poor substitute but I try. Neither of us had a brother until I married his sister. We call each other brother and are as close as any brother could be… Anyway, I’m saddened for him as he enters this new chapter in his life. He and his wife (and son and daughter) has blessed our lives so much. The top row behind 3rd base will never be the same but he will be there in spirit. Oh how I would love to see him enjoy a Natty before he goes home.


Dude loves baseball. And all baseball, but does bleed little Hogs. I picked that up quickly. Hang tough Danny.


Wishing both you and your brother-in-law well in the changes you both are facing. Hopefully the Razorbacks will be sources of fun conversations and help keep you both close and entertained. All the best to you both,


I hate to hear that. I know exactly how important live, in person Razorback sports can mean to we older generation fellows. I’m pretty much staring in the face of those “octo” years. I’ve been trying to tell myself that I still feel like a sexagenarian, but my body’s beginning to tell me “oh no you’re not”.

I hope he’ll still be able to see, and enjoy all the baseball games on TV this season.


Sounds like a great guy Danny. y’all had special memories that you’ll be able to reminisce once again one day.


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